Wednesday, 2018-12-26

oltortoisedoc (IRC): Are you woring on Christmas? I'm just eating, drinking, roasting turkey.00:44
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willspokehello, i had purchased sailfish x for my xperia x, and recently just bought an xa2 ultra. i purchased another sailfish x (mistake maybe?), but i am not sure that it will install on the xa2.07:54
willspokemy question is, do i request a refund?07:55
pketowillspoke: contact care and we can convert it to xa2 license when that is available07:58
willspokepketo: thank you. i will do this.08:01
tortoisedoclbt : ping08:23
tortoisedocin the mer sdk, what's the difference between the "toolings" and chroot folder (under /srv/mer)?08:28
tortoisedocand is there some documentation about it somewhere?08:29
tortoisedocI could only find the Mer Wiki, but there's only installation instructions :)08:29
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fasdfdIs sailfishx available for Xperia X Compact too or only Xperia X?14:11
r0kk3rztheres a hack available for the x compact14:34
r0kk3rzbut officially its the X and XA214:35
fasdfdI read in the FAQ that I can't transfer the license to another phone unless it breaks, so if it breaks, can I buy a different model and transfer it to that?14:41
r0kk3rzno idea tbh15:01
tadzikI got my license transferred when the phone got stolen, I think jolla will be cool with it if you have a good reason for the transfer15:20
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tortoisedocso in case anyone is interested, I got my sb2 updated, *but* it appears my test exe *still* uses the old code21:33
tortoisedocis there some magic static linking somewhere?21:33
tortoisedoc(in fact, my upgraded sb2 is used only for the bash, but not for the exe)21:34
maltortoisedoc: why do you try to update sb2?22:08
tortoisedocmal : I am not sure yet, need to verify, but in order to do so, I need to update22:12
tortoisedocit seems my newly created target has it's own libsb222:12
tortoisedocthat might explain22:12
tortoisedocbut surely its weird22:12
tortoisedocmal: are there instructions on how to debug sb2?(im thinking about testing mainly=22:17
zusermHi. In QML how do I update a Page when I navigateForward/navigateBackwards in the PageStack?22:40
tortoisedocit works23:06
tortoisedocI dont know what I did but just exiting and re-entering the chroot a few times fixed it23:06
tortoisedocmal : the problem I saw is as follows23:06
tortoisedocI have a symlink pointing to a non-existing file23:06
tortoisedocfor example23:07
tortoisedocln -s /tmp/nonexisting /tmp/mylink23:07
tortoisedoc*now rm /tmp/mylink -> works great23:07
tortoisedocbut from a c executable, the code remove("/tmp/mylink")23:08
tortoisedocwill not work, as sb2 will expand the link to the (non-existing) file, hence remove will fail23:08
tortoisedocthe problem seems to be in the path resolution, which resolves the path to the "bitter end"23:08
tortoisedoci.e. the non-existing file23:09
tortoisedocI made a small patch on sb2 which checks the symlink's target existance before resolving it23:09
tortoisedocand if it doesnt exist, it won't expand the symlink, but just report it as a "regular" file23:09
tortoisedocthis is the cludge, because23:09
tortoisedoca) rm /some/symlink does *not* remove the file pointed by the symlink, but just the symlink (posix standard)23:10
tortoisedocb) my patch in sb2 makes sb2 "think" the symlink is a file, and not a symlink23:10
tortoisedoci will make a pull-request23:12
tortoisedocso you can review this23:12
tortoisedoccant push to mer-core23:30
tortoisedocmust fork :[23:30
tortoisedocmal :
tortoisedocol :
tortoisedoc(i figure ol is a mantainer)23:33
olNo, I'm not.23:33
olI have a fork as sell.23:33
oltortoisedoc (IRC): Why do you need to fix that? sb2 already has logic to handle this case properly.23:40
tortoisedocol : where?23:40
olThere is no "foo" file. Then I do the following.23:40
ol[mersdk@SailfishSDK test]$ ln -s foo bar23:40
ol[mersdk@SailfishSDK test]$ sb2 ls -l bar23:41
ollrwxrwxrwx 1 1001 nemo 3 Dec 26 23:39 bar -> foo23:41
ol[mersdk@SailfishSDK test]$ sb2 rm bar23:41
ol[mersdk@SailfishSDK test]$ sb2 ls -l bar23:41
olls: cannot access bar: No such file or directory23:41
tortoisedocol : give me a moment23:41
tortoisedocill make a quick repo on github then you can test yourself23:41
olI've already tested, as you see.23:42
tortoisedocyou are rushing, young jedi23:43
olI think, again there's somethong wrong with your setup again. Before trying to "fix" anything, test in Sailfish SDK first.23:43
tortoisedocol : i reproduced in both vm and mer sdk23:45
tortoisedocof course github doesnt like my key now :[23:45
olFrom your MR description:23:46
ol> "remove" for example differs in unlinkat in that sense that it does not follow the symlink, but removes the link (and not the pointed-at file).23:46
olAnd sb2 already handles this case correctly.23:46
olLook ar the source code, file "preload/interface.master" lines 662..665. See "dont_resolve_final_symlink" flag? This flag is there exactly for this purpose.23:48
tortoisedocwell if its there it hasnt been working for me, neither in the mer sdk23:48
tortoisedocnor in the vm23:48
olDid you see the log I've posed above?23:49
tortoisedocthe ln -s foo bar?23:49
olI've removed a symlink pointing to nonexistent file successfully using sb2.23:49
tortoisedoc(and on?)23:50
olNo, everything after that.23:50
tortoisedocthats not my test case setup23:50
olWhat's the difference?23:50
tortoisedocin my test case, I create the symlink within sb223:50
olThe result is eactly the same:23:51
ol[mersdk@SailfishSDK test]$ sb2 ln -s foo bar23:51
ol[mersdk@SailfishSDK test]$ sb2 ls -l bar23:51
ollrwxrwxrwx 1 1001 nemo 3 Dec 26 23:50 bar -> foo23:51
ol[mersdk@SailfishSDK test]$ sb2 rm bar23:51
ol[mersdk@SailfishSDK test]$ sb2 ls -l bar23:51
olls: cannot access bar: No such file or directory23:51
olSailfish SDK.23:52
tortoisedocso vm?23:52
tortoisedocim sorry my github is taking so long, apparently my key is not associated with the account anymore, and I cant login due to too many attempts for now23:53
tortoisedocill do it tomorrow23:53
olWhy do you need Github?23:54
tortoisedocyou've got a point there :)23:55
olI'm in Sailfish SDK VM.23:55
tortoisedocol : here you go
tortoisedoccompile the test.c23:56
olDon't be congused with "nemo" group name: sb2 just uses mapped "/etc/goup" file.23:56
tortoisedocand then either run the from within the sb223:56
tortoisedocor the from outside23:57
tortoisedoc(I usually compile within the vm / mer sdk)23:57
tortoisedocol : so sb2 relies on SBOX_MAP_PATH_DONT_RESOLVE_FINAL_SYMLINK to enable the last symlink23:59

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