Friday, 2018-12-28

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bigdummyHey everyone. Any links to devices that have more or less success with installing the sailfish OS? i'm far from understanding any of this stuff but... gotta start somewhere.15:43
r0kk3rzyou're looking at buying a device with sailfish in mind?15:45
bigdummyyeah! don't care if it's a bit older or anything. just want to make sure its as easy as possible.15:48
r0kk3rzthere are a few devices that jolla officially supports, sony xperia x, and xperia xa2 variants15:50
bigdummynever even heard of this phone, looks pretty nice. thanks @r0kk3rz15:53
tortoisedocol : thanks again for your support on the sb218:37
tortoisedocol : how does the merge process proceed after this?18:37
olWait for a maintainer.18:38
tortoisedocol: you're not one?18:38
olNo. I have my own fork, but nobody seems interested in it.18:38
tortoisedocoh ok18:38
tortoisedochm there's quite a list18:40
tortoisedocpvuorela, any chance you could have a look at this (simple) fix?
r0kk3rzol: where is your fork?18:44
r0kk3rztortoisedoc: its best to highlight someone in #mer if you want it merged18:45
r0kk3rzand oblig merbug reference and weird commit style18:46
tortoisedocr0kk34z : #mer??18:46
r0kk3rzyes. the #mer channel, im surprised you dont know of it18:46
tortoisedocim falling from the clouds here :P18:46
tortoisedocnobody has bothered to tell me ;_;18:47
r0kk3rzcheck this to see who to bother about it -
tortoisedocyes I did thanks :)18:47
tortoisedocthats how I got to vourela :)18:47
r0kk3rzol: was there a particular reason why you forked it instead of developing sb2?18:57
tortoisedocthats an interesting question18:59
ol1. There was no primary repo for sb2. It was essentially abandoned.19:00
ol2. I heard from multiple people that adoption of sb2 is negatively impacted by its name: people associate it with Scratchbox that is heavyweight virtualisation environment.19:00
olHence, I decided to make a fork and rename it. But after trying to develop it for some time I found no interest from other people.19:00
tortoisedocol : have you used it in any other env except mer?19:01
tortoisedocbtw scratchbox2 in mer has still commits no? :)19:03
tortoisedocol : if you want i can pick-axe the commit and forward to your repo as well (in case it's needed that is)19:03
olI tried to use it with Fedora, but found that upgrading packages with dnf causes corruption that is difficult to debug. Seems like race condition caused by replaced library functions in multithreaded program.19:03
tortoisedocol : race condition in a multithreaded program? dnf?19:04
tortoisedoc(as in in dnf)19:05
olI'm not sure whether to develop ldbox further. Name issue is not relevant anymore (who remembers what Scratchbox is?), and sb2 is still used in Mer / Sailfish.19:05
olYes, in dnf.19:05
olBut it's not a bug in dnf itself.19:05
tortoisedocyoull definitively have a hard time if dnf does some dynamic linking19:05
tortoisedoc(this said from veeery far)19:06
r0kk3rzol: i'm sure your changes are quite reasonable, it would be good to get them into sb219:08
olDynamic linking is not a problem. It's just sb2 / ldbox emulation is too fragile.19:08
tortoisedocI agree with r0kk3rz, the changes don't seem that tragic19:19
tortoisedocquestion : is there any scratchbox2 in obs?20:30
tortoisedoc(I think I have asked the same yesterday / the day before, but I am not sure)20:31
r0kk3rzas in a build in merobs?20:31
tortoisedocr0kk3rz : sorry inconplete question; I mean obs as a build env, does it rely on sb2?20:33
tortoisedocthanks :)20:34
tortoisedoci guess there's no way to make the obs run with my own-rolled sb222:15
r0kk3rzprobably not22:19
olAre you sure? Where does sb2 come from in build VM?22:25
tortoisedocol : im afraid the moment the spec file is run we are in the obs already22:31
tortoisedocol : the updated sb2 would need to be installed *before* the spec file is run22:32
olYes, but nothing prevents you from building a support package in your project that has a different sb2.22:32
tortoisedocol : sb2 won't allow me to install sb2 from within it (at least not locally); or did I get something else?22:34
tortoisedocol : what do you mean by "support" package22:34
olA package that is installed in your build environment that contains sb2.22:35
tortoisedocol : is this something officially supported by obs? (obs noob typing here)22:36
olLook at "SB2install" directive in project config. You can specify any package there.22:44
tortoisedocol : I guess this needs a dependency, not a "simple" uploaded rpm package right22:48
tortoisedoc -> guess this is still valid22:49
olThis is the package, containing everything to support sb2, not just sb2. This is JEOS for running sb2, and sb2 target root is a JEOS inside that JEOS.22:49
tortoisedochmm so I'd need to first build this jeos for mer obs22:55
tortoisedocbut what do I build it from?22:56
tortoisedocol : I guess there's no such thing in the mer git?22:56
olFind the name of the package that is used now. Then find this package and how it's built.22:57
tortoisedocol : something like this i guess then
tortoisedocol : the project config is the "meta" config in obs?23:06
tortoisedocah osc meta prj -e23:09
tortoisedocthis seems quite obscure stuff23:11
tortoisedocneed time to study it :/23:11
tortoisedocI guess it might still be faster than waiting for the change to be merged..23:11
tortoisedocfor instace, osc meta prj -e gives me the file in xml format, not in free text form as the wiki shows it23:12

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