Tuesday, 2019-01-01

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caitlinwait what? the 50euro licence is available for the XA2? what does that get you over the free version?13:23
caitlinhow did i miss that coming out?13:24
caitlini've been sat here like a fool *waiting* for it13:24
Dakonit's not really there AFAIK, or has it been finally launched the last 2 days?13:52
x2shttps://shop.jolla.com/ looks like it13:53
pketo_sorry, that was a misconfiguration, it should not have been available yet14:04
caitlintsk, you flipping *tease*14:05
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tortoisedoc_pvuorela, rainemak, slava, jpetrell, sage, abranson, chriadam, martyone : anyone could take a look : https://git.merproject.org/mer-core/scratchbox2/merge_requests/1618:51
pvuorelatortoisedoc_: don't know much about scratchbox, but maybe better chance of somebody checking now after holidays :)18:55
tortoisedoc_pvuorela : ah ok sorry I picked you from the maintainers list group :)18:55
tortoisedoc_pvuorela : who might know?18:55
tortoisedoc_(out of the posted ones?)18:55
olpvuorela (IRC): I know about sb2 and I'm approviing this change.20:02
tortoisedoc_ol: thanks20:06
svipMy Sailfish phone is behaving weird with wifi.  It now refuses to create a connection.22:32
svipBasically I cannot turn wifi on, but the icon suggests it is on.  The settings suggest I reboot the phone, which I have done several times, in several ways.22:32
svipChecking ifconfig, I can see wlan0 has an IP address.22:32
svipIt's just as if the phone is convinced there is no wifi, but it is on, and therefore it cannot be turned on.22:33
olsvip (IRC): Jolla-1 with TOHKBD2?22:33
svipBut I don't know how I get root access on the phone to force wlan0 down.22:33
svipol: It's an Intex, behaving like a Jolla C.22:33
olThen I don't know.22:33
svipI think it is because the local wifi is one that requires confirmation through a webpage.22:34
svipI am at Logan Airport in Boston.22:34
r0kk3rzsvip: ah captive portal, yes you'll need to use the browser22:34
svipr0kk3rz: Well, that's the thing, the browser doesn't see the wifi either.22:35
svipIt's so captive, that it has stolen all of it.  And I cannot tell the wifi to forgot the ssid, because the settings app is also thinking the whole thing is broken.22:36
r0kk3rzit should, it bypasses the usual checks22:36
svipIt usually does, but not this time.22:37
svipWhere does the settings save its known list of ssids?  wpa_supplicant?22:37
r0kk3rzconnman handles all of that22:38
svipCan I use connman to modify the ssid list?22:40
svipI hope the phone will start working, once I am in a place with a different wifi ssid.22:47

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