Monday, 2019-01-21

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shaninstalled it on my cell phone yesterday07:09
tadziksweet :)07:15
shantadzik, it's pretty boring, ill be honest07:18
shantadzik, and way too high level. I'd prefer a developer distro like PMOS07:18
tadziknever heard of it07:20
tadzikah, postmarket07:20
tadzikI despise android, so I'm here07:20
shantadzik, i like android but it's pretty boring and im looking for a change07:22
tadzikheh, I quite like boring OSes :)09:28
tadzikandroid wouldn't be so bad if its ecosystem wasn't a minefield09:28
r0kk3rzsailfish is plenty exciting09:31
r0kk3rzyou never know whether the action you're doing will work09:31
r0kk3rzabranson: have you done much stuff with mime type handling?10:57
vinipsmakerdo you guys use something like Uber?11:45
leszeknope. I think Uber is forbidden even in some european countries11:49
leszeklike there is no uber in germany11:50
tadzikI do11:51
tadziktheir mobile website works well enough, on a competent browser at least11:51
vinipsmakertadzik: I didn't know you could use Uber w/o the app. Gonna try. Thanks.12:36
tadzikvinipsmaker: yeah, is quite functional13:14
abransonr0kk3rz: not really. what's up?13:20
vinipsmakertadzik: you use it with the default browser?13:22
tadzikvinipsmaker: no, the android firefox13:23
tadzikdidn't work in the default browser, I haven't tried webcat13:23
r0kk3rzabranson: was looking into .opus files last night, looks like theres some work to do there to make sure everything is happy13:23
r0kk3rzabranson: the codec is there and works fine, its just getting things like filebrowser and mediaplayer to actually load it13:24
r0kk3rzabranson: we also had a request for some weird ancient audio format -
r0kk3rzwhich seems easy, but i wonder whether we should even bother, since it predates even vorbis i think13:27
abransonopus are ogg files i think, no?13:27
r0kk3rzthey are yeah13:29
r0kk3rzbut they have a different mime type maybe13:29
abransonok, so maybe we just need to add that to the tracker config so it gets parsed with the vorbis, if the metadata's the same.13:35
abransondo you have one?13:35
abransonmusepack needs an external lib to build in gst-plugins-bad. i don't think that's worth it13:36
abransonthere's also support in gst-libav, which is probably the best solution. r0kk3rz' codec pack :D13:37
r0kk3rzah i see13:37
r0kk3rzabranson: i was testing with the audio download from here
r0kk3rzinitially tracker didnt pick it up, but firing tracker index --file at it seemed to do the job13:38
r0kk3rzthe built-in filebrowser also said 'unknown mime type'13:38
leszekr0kk3rz: which file from Opus?13:39
r0kk3rzyeah the opus audio download13:39
abransonr0kk3rz: hmm, i have an album in opus on my device and it's indexed. not 100% accurate - the track title is the filename - but it has album, artist and even album art there13:40
leszekah ok. So it is not picked up by tracker. I think my video player should play it fine13:40
abransonleszek: could do with someone else testing that - tracker picked it up fine for me13:41
leszekwhat is harder and apparently people are doing it. Is recognizing webm as audio format. As youtube audio tracks and LLs video player and others when downloading the audio track from youtube videos download them as webm13:41
r0kk3rzi should probably put my gst-libav build on openrepos, for everyones weirdarse obscure codec requirements13:43
abransonr0kk3rz: i think it would be very popular13:43
abransonr0kk3rz: if there's stuff that tracker doesn't pick up, then rules can be added to /usr/share/tracker/extract-rules to match13:44
r0kk3rzaha, i was wondering where to look for that kind of thing13:45
r0kk3rzi only found the big ignorelist13:45
leszekhaha .opus files is what my video player is actually registering to as mimetype13:45
leszektracker picks up the opus file just fine13:46
r0kk3rzok good13:46
leszektested on my xa2 which still is lying around otherwise and catching dust :/13:46
abransoni'd forgotten I had an opus test album. Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds. Going to have to put that on now.13:47
leszekjust another interesting thing. Leaving my media player paused in the background apparently eats battery. The same goes for media player and so on. I think all media playing apps have the issue13:47
r0kk3rzthey mostly all use qtmultimedia so its not that surprising13:49
leszekOh and fun fact just because it comes to my mind. I was complaining a lot about the Xperia X headphone jack producing a hizz like background noise. Apparently all the "non proper dac" smartphones have the same issue. I tested it with my blackberry key2 and a proper headphone (the ones they deliver is so much bass heavy and high cutting that you don't notice it) and its even worse than the xperia x output13:49
leszekr0kk3rz: I assume if you pause in qtmultimedia it never lets go of the audio device hence the audio cannot go to sleep and that eats the battery13:50
leszekbut worst is having email or webcat running with qtwebkit in the background. Its like a battery draining machine.13:51
abransonleszek: about webm - i gather it's one of those formats that can contain video or audio or both, like mp4. does tracker index them at all?13:51
abransoni think it does check for a video stream for mp4 files and react accordingly13:52
leszekabranson: actually tracker is indexing them. And media is showing them13:53
leszekjust not with a correct time code. So 00:00 your fancy webm music13:53
leszekand yes webm is basically googles variant of mkv13:54
leszekor matroska actually13:54
leszekthere might be mka for audio xD13:54
r0kk3rzi blame windows for all this file extention shenannigans13:55
leszekyeah and the cancer of file extensions is now overall. Like also on usual linux desktops. Rename a music file .txt and it tries to open kate13:58
leszekor gedit or _insert_your_favorite_texteditor13:58
leszekbeos/haiku is the only os I know of that does it right :P13:59
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attahr0kk3rz: thanks for checking on opus support for me19:07
attahapparently the correct mime type is application/ogg, at least here and for that particular file19:07
attahi put that in to jolla-mediaplayer-openfile.desktop, and now xdg-open no longer invokes the browser.. but media player doesn't launch properly19:08
attahand if i read it right, that's already covered in /usr/share/tracker/extract-rules/10-vorbis.rule19:11
r0kk3rzthe mime was different for me19:17
attahfile --mime-type -b 35c3-10005-eng-How_does_the_Internet_work_opus.opus19:17
attahthat's one of the other ones i put in there and left in, but not what made it start working19:19
r0kk3rzfile says application/ogg, file browser says audio/x-opus+ogg19:19
attahso throwing that into the vorbis rule, jay or nay?19:20
r0kk3rzthats just for tracker, and the other guys was saying that tracker was indexing their opus files just fine19:21
r0kk3rzid be tempted to create an opus.rule though19:22
r0kk3rzwith both audio and application types set properly19:22
attahsounds like a good idea... but what ModulePath?19:23
r0kk3rzlets see what we got19:23
r0kk3rzmust be the vorbis one, although its not vorbis its ogg19:25
attahThat did indeed take care of indexing19:32
attahbut that's quite the roundabout way to listen to a downloaded talk19:33
FloR707Hi, I do have a quick question regarding margins. In a column I added a anchors.bottomMargin to the last element but that margin is not applied. The element sits right on the screen end and is hard to use. How can I add some margin here?20:19
attahSo your column is growing downwards, not upwards?20:23
FloR707It is.20:23
FloR707The column holds the entire content for that page.20:23
attahSo make it shorter? The items in it can't really be expected to compress, can they?20:23
FloR707So you are saying to set a hight for the column that is page.heigt - margin?20:24
attahi'm saying to have less or slimmer stuff in it20:25
FloR707Column holds a list the user can fill. So the height is not fixed.20:25
attahas in a SilicaListView?20:26
FloR707I have a Page in it is a SilicaFlickable and in that is the column. I think that is the basic example Jolla provides.20:27
FloR707The column holds different items. One is a ListView that gets populated by the user.20:28
attahokay.. but woudn't pushing some object upwards make it overlap something else?20:29
FloR707The last element is a button and I would like to have same spacing between that button and the end of the scrren.20:29
FloR707The column can scroll. If I scroll to the end the last element sites right at the edge of the screen.20:29
attahso then i'm back to suggesting making the stuff before it less tall20:29
attahcolumns can scroll?20:30
FloR707Is it not possible to add some margin so that content does not touch the screen edges?20:30
attahFor a listview that should work..20:31
FloR707The column is as high as its content. If that is more than the screen height it will scroll.20:31
attahbut in the case of a column i have no idea20:31
attahstill not sure if you want things to scroll in under the button or in under some arbitrary margin20:32
attaheither way, it sounds like you need more components in your view20:33
attahNo idea if this is helpful... but here is some mess i made with dual columns
FloR707Thanks for the idea. I just added the margin to the contentHeight of the SilicaFlickable and it did the trick but I am not sure of that is the right way to do it.20:38
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vinipsmakerwhy do I get "too many authentication failures" when trying to SSH'ing into sfos?22:17
malvinipsmaker: did set password in developer mode settings and you are using the correct password?22:19
vinipsmakerI don't have a chance to type the password as it will kick me out even earlier22:19
vinipsmakerwait. it worked now.22:20
vinipsmakerReceived disconnect from port 22:2: Too many authentication failures22:20
vinipsmakerDisconnected from port 2222:20
vinipsmakerthis was the previous error just for reference22:21
vinipsmakerbut it worked now22:21
vinipsmakeris there a way to revert sfos installation on Xperia X and get Android back?23:06
malprobably the emma flashin tool can do that at least, if you can get the android fastboot images otherwise then fastboot can be used also23:10

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