Saturday, 2019-02-23

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hulkhoganis it okay if i ask some questions here?13:32
hulkhoganabout upgrading13:34
hulkhogani already have sfos installed on my one plus x13:34
hulkhogando i need to flash it again and then instal Cyanogen Mod again to get the latest version13:34
malno, you can update it13:35
dlavsohulkhogan, if i'm not wrong opx supports ota update13:36
malhulkhogan: read about OTA update here
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hulkhoganmal: so if i can use the OTA update, this means i don't need to flash or go through CM13:41
hulkhoganor uninstall or reinstall13:41
hulkhoganor even use a computer?13:41
HelleHmz, I keep wishing for a head unit for a car with SailfishOS....13:41
HelleGuess I may give a shot at porting it to one of those Android based ones13:42
malhulkhogan: yes, no need to flash anything, just running those commands on the device is enough (either in terminal or via ssh)13:43
hulkhoganmal: are there any special instructions such as reboot after installing13:46
kimmolias it says13:47
hulkhoganwould any apps be rendered incompatible after the update? or any app data lost?13:48
kimmolinot that i know, depend what version you have now installed13:49
malhulkhogan: usually apps work fine after update, some rare cases not, depends on versions, which sailfish version do you have now?13:50
malbut considering has been out for some time now apps should already have gotten any needed changes13:52
hulkhoganmal: my current OS version is
malok, that is quite old13:58
hulkhoganam i in danger of losing app data?13:59
malI have never heard of that happening13:59
hulkhoganMy primamry concern is with the ownNotes app which i've got a lot of stuff on14:00
malkimmoli: do you think direct update from that is fine14:00
malhulkhogan: you can always make a backup if you want14:00
kimmolidonnu about onenote. but that is old... direct update to 3.0.1 could fail14:01
kimmolijolla deprecated some accounts (gtalk e.g.) after
hulkhogani do not know how to back up the app data14:02
hulkhoganparticularly that of ownNotes14:03
hulkhoganif i use the backup feature, does it only backup the system data or does it backup everything in the phone indiscriminately?14:05
kimmoliit backups just some parts14:05
rinigushulkhogan: isn't ownNotes backed up to owncloud? with onyx you could always make twrp backup to sdcard. if something goes wrong, restore from it.14:05
rinigushulkhogan: you could also rsync your home somewhere. that's what I do regularly once in a while. it doesn't backup all (some passwords and such), but app data should be there.14:07
rinigus^ normal app data. accounts and such could be protected by permissions14:07
rinigustwrp solution doesn't care about permissions, all gets backed up14:07
malkimmoli: maybe 1 or 2 intermediate updates would be better way? first to or something14:07
kimmoliyes, 2.1., 2.2, 3.0.0 then 3.0.1 i would say14:09
kimmoliat some point we introduced community-common?14:10
hulkhoganwhat's community-common?14:10
kimmolijust on the next one has it, and there is some temp stuff in prevuous14:11
malhulkhogan: so do the update procedure (including reboot) several times using so we do a incremental upgrade, first use then then and finally
malhulkhogan: and like mentioned before, if you want a complete backup use TWRP recovery to make a backup of userdata partition14:20
hulkhoganalright, will look to do so14:24
hulkhogananother question14:24
hulkhogando you know where i can get spare batteries for the onne plus x14:24
hulkhogana genuine one14:25
hulkhogani haven't managed to find any originals online14:27
malhulkhogan: I don't know about batteries, maybe kimmoli knows14:43
kimmolino idea14:43
dlavsoreally sad to see  all my webapps freezed on sfos browser and working .. on unbuntu touch browser23:22

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