Monday, 2019-03-11

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dcalistechriadam and jpetrell, hello, some follow-up from last meeting:
dcalisteThis is currently kept private, for you in Jolla to check the content and see if you agree.09:59
dcalisteIt proposes a review of how Seahorse (GNOME key management) is exposing key management in the UI.09:59
dcalisteIt also contains some brainstorming on OS integration in various work-flows.10:00
dcalisteIn case you have time to give it a look before tomorrow, we can then discuss the content during meeting and see when we can make it public.10:01
chriadamsounds good, thanks.  I will definitely check it tomorrow before the meeting10:03
dcalisteThank you chriadam. I've seen your post about secret timeout issues. I will add maxTimeout to manager and follow inz remark about DBus transport and C API. Maybe later in the afternoon.10:04
chriadam(maybe add it to the InteractionParameters class, since that's the natural place for client users to find it/use it, then the manager can make use of that one)10:05
chriadamthanks very much for doing that!10:05
dcalisteI need to think a bit more where to put it indeed, we can discuss longer about that tomorrow after I'd have time to think further about it ;) Currently the requirement about who from the client connecting the secret server or the server itself connecting to authentication plugin should limit the timeout is not very clear in my mind…10:08
chriadamindeed, I haven't given it much thought either, as is clear from the current impl :-P10:08
jpetrelldcaliste: cool11:11
dcalistejpetrell: thanks, if you have time, don't hesitate to comment or ask me to correct, modify or adjust some parts.11:12
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^7heoyo guys15:39
^7heois there a CLI command to get the phone number from a sim card in a phone running sailfish?15:40
^7heoor any way whatsoever15:40
fledermausmc-tool maybe? but the info doesn't seem to be there16:00
^7heofledermaus: hmm interesting, thanks16:02
fledermausor maybe dbus-send but I dunno which interface to poke16:03
^7heofledermaus: I tried simkit16:07
^7heobut it does not work16:07
coderusshould be in ofono16:14
^7heohow do you use it?16:18
vknecht^7heo, see for example
vknechtbut can't seem to find a method to get actual phone number in
vknechtmaybe have to dial the #*... or whatever sequence, or some AT command16:37
^7heovknecht: I could not find one17:00
^7heoit's crazy that one cannot find their phone number from the phone itself...17:01
fledermausthe phone typically doesn't know, aiui17:08
fledermausit knows various other identifiers by which it communicates with the network17:08
^7heoandroid phones and iphones display it17:08
fledermausbut the phone number is a property of the network, not the phone17:08
^7heosome android phones at least17:09
^7heoit is written sonewhere in the sim, isn't it?17:09
fledermausnot iirc17:12
vknechtiirc there's a code to dial to get it, like *#06# to get imei17:13
fledermausyeah. I think that can very per network though17:13
^7heoyou mean USSD codes?17:22
^7heoyeah that part is network dependant17:22
^7heobut sailfish does not display the answers anyway17:23
^7heoI get: "Service message:\n\0"17:24
^7heothat's it17:24
fledermausI have a SIM icon with my network (voda), if I fire that up I have an app with the option "My Number"17:31
^7heoon sailfish?17:43
^7heowith androidbcompat?17:43
fledermausno it's offered directly from the SIM aiui17:43
^7heowell not on my sim17:43
fledermausI can see the items in the output for17:45
fledermausdbus-send --system --dest=org.ofono /ril_0 --type=method_call --print-reply org.ofono.SimToolkit.GetProperties17:45
vknechtsome ideas with AT commands
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