Monday, 2019-03-18

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tortoisedochowdi how20:19
tortoisedoc has anyone else noticed, Oulanka breaks QDesktopServices::openUrl ? mal ?20:21
maltortoisedoc: nope, any example what uses that?20:27
tortoisedocmal : quickbar, from c++ side20:27
tortoisedocmal : QDesktopServices::openUrl(QUrl::fromLocalFile(m_desktopFile))20:28
tortoisedoccant find the file:///usr/loca/application/thedesktopfile.desktop20:28
tortoisedocI guess the file:// url part might have something to do with it20:28
attahI have this in one of mine... Qt.openUrlExternally(Qt.resolvedUrl("/usr/share/applications/harbour-jupii.desktop")) lets find out how that works in a while20:34
attah(still downloading update)20:38
tortoisedocattah : im using QUrl::fromLocalFile20:38
tortoisedoc(plus it's done from the c++ side)20:38
attahI see that, and i'm curious if the difference is there, or bigger20:39
tortoisedocwell one'd say qml relies on the same c++ qt api's20:42
tortoisedocbut hey20:42
tortoisedocone brain can only hope so much :)20:42
tortoisedocseems to be a bit more complex20:43
tortoisedocthe log file says20:43
tortoisedocMar 18 22:42:36 Sailfish lipstick[1639]: [D] unknown:0 - Specified Desktop file does not exist "file:///usr/share/applications/sailfish-browser.desktop"20:43
tortoisedoccould also be on the lipstick side20:45
tortoisedoclca-tool seems to do the job ok20:50
tortoisedocso i guess contentaction does not suffer from this20:51
tortoisedocbut hmm iirc, contentaction uses QDesktopServices internally20:51
tortoisedocmaybe some permission?20:52
tortoisedocthere seems to be some change in libcontentaction recently too20:56
tortoisedochmm no20:59
tortoisedocits not libcontentaction20:59
tortoisedocattah : does it work for you?20:59
attah99% download21:00
tortoisedocbtw is the latest sdk released  (which matches Oulanka)21:00
attahi don't think the matching one is out21:01
attahlast one took a little while after initial release21:01
tortoisedocis it only me or is this release official and not Early Access anymore?21:02
attahand apparently 49% counts as low battery in that it won't let me perform the update21:02
tortoisedocwell then it's probably pointless for you to try21:03
tortoisedocbefore having Oulanka installed, that is21:03
attahIf it's really important for something i can spin up the J1 or JC some other day21:03
attahor my Xperia X :P21:04
attah..or tablet, or Aquafish ;)21:05
tortoisedocim on xperiax and sadly the bt still doesnt connect to my handsfree in my car ;_;21:05
attahmy solution: don't have a car21:05
tadzikmy solution: don't have BT in my car :P21:06
tadzikthat's gotta be annoying though :/21:06
tortoisedocand also dangerous21:08
tortoisedocto a certain extent21:08
tadzikwell, only dangerous if you choose to make it so21:08
tadzikbut I know how tempting it is21:08
tortoisedocseems like ill have to fallback to libcontentaction *again*21:08
tortoisedoci wonder what changed in lipstick21:08
attahwell, first try: doesn't work21:13
tortoisedocnote, for me the above c++ code worked fine on the previous version21:16
attahGetting logs21:16
attah... i hope21:16
attahriiight, there were some errors about virtualbox when i upgraded to kernel 5.0 on my desktop21:17
attahwait what?21:18
attahi did xdg-open on my app's .desktop file, and it claims it doesn't exist and opens jolla-notes instead (!)21:19
tortoisedocattah : that's probably due to the screwed up mimeapps.list21:22
tortoisedoci.e. the mime association is not correct21:22
tortoisedocor actually it doesnt find the right one, and falls back to the next best thing (jolla-notes)21:22
attahbut isn't that almost what we are doing from our apps?21:23
attahanyway, nothing to go by in the logs unfortunately21:24
tortoisedocyeah but xdg-open deep down uses either lca-tool or qtdesktopservices21:25
tortoisedocso back to square one21:25
tortoisedoc(lca-tool rips the desktop file in question open and launches the app according to how its supposed to)21:25
tortoisedoccontentaction has started working again :D21:28
tortoisedocso much for fragmentation eh :D21:28
attahyeah... i'll come back complaining about my approach to this another day21:28
tortoisedocmal : can you tell where in lipstick this text is  "Specified Desktop file does not exist"21:28
tortoisedocattah : this whole app-launching stack is a mess21:29
tortoisedoclayers over layers over layers of crap21:29
attah"i didn't know you could stack shit this high"21:29
tortoisedocits like the Princess and the Pea21:29
tortoisedoc:D exactly21:29
attahstarted reading xdg-open, which is a script by google21:30
attah...trying to unify everything by doing dark magic21:30
tortoisedocehm - you mean free desktop foundation?21:30
attahhmm, yes probably... but it did say copyright google as well21:30
attahdonated? forked?21:31
tortoisedocits the latest version21:31
tortoisedocwith (C) slapped on top? :P21:31
attahD. all of the above21:31
tortoisedocthis world is coming to an end :(21:31
attahwait, we can add nodejs to this, and npm!21:31
tortoisedoccome to think of it21:32
tortoisedocfedora et al21:32
tortoisedocnow that IBM has bought RH21:32
attahand call it applaunchr.io21:32
tortoisedochm where have you seen googel (C)? in xdg-open its not21:33
tortoisedochaha21:33 :D21:33
attahmight be imagining things21:33
tortoisedocoh well21:34
tortoisedocill have to make a new release21:34
tortoisedocand take into account the fact that ill have to discern versions21:34
tortoisedoccrap crap crap21:34
attahmaybe me too, unless it's fixed more systematically21:34
tortoisedocseems like clutter has made it to sfos in the end21:34
attah...or they fix the bug tomorrow21:34
tortoisedocyou wish :D21:35
tortoisedocok ill come back tomorrow :P21:35
attahping all the sailors!21:36
tortoisedoci should not ping them, I should kick them D21:36
attahneed to sleep... g'night21:39
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