Sunday, 2019-03-24

r0kk3rzdoes anyone use the sfos sdk with vbox 6.0?00:00
kaolIs there a way to trigger a Qt signal when the user turns on or unlocks the screen?06:24
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kaolLooks like the cover gets state change signals on screen unlock. I can use that.09:11
kaolStatus. Not state.09:35
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Mister_Magisterdid they change something about ssl in 3.0.2? i havent read changelog but libpurple kinda stopped working18:36
Thaodan_any idea how to pass data from one data model to another?`I have a resultnodel that fetches one model18:51
Thaodan_*one  object18:51
Mister_Magisterin qml?18:52
Thaodan_and I need to pass that data to a detailview model18:52
Thaodan_Mister_Magister: yes.18:52
Mister_Magisterif model data comes from c++ i would just make function to copy array but only in qml i dunno18:53
Thaodan_I use qmlregistertype to create a qml type and use the type later.18:53
Thaodan_I thought of using a shared pointer between my objects but  I dont know if thats good18:54
Mister_Magisterthen if both come from c++ then just implement method to get whole arrayt with elements and second to import it18:54
Mister_Magisterwell then those objects would be basically same thing right18:55

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