Wednesday, 2019-03-27

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tortoisedocpvuorela : any hope for this
tortoisedocmartyone : ping09:26
martyonetortoisedoc: get an irc bouncer ;) to your question: do you bundle qt5systeminfo with your app as coderus suggested?09:28
pvuorelatortoisedoc: maybe not too much. qml interface could be one thing if there are good use cases. what i checked the quickbar, it seemed quite on system ui territory.09:36
tortoisedocmartyone : nope, I was hoping not to have to bundle it as it opens up another plethora of deps :/11:11
tortoisedocpvuorela : the quickbar could theoretically do the same via QML; its on c++ mainly due to the old QDesktopServices::openUrl() -> meego inheritance11:12
tortoisedocmartyone : but given i white-list it, the problem for the validator seems to be that the library I bundle (libcontentaction) links against  qt5SystemInfo11:13
tortoisedocwhich could ideally be ok, given it's white-listed (i.e. there's a bug in the validator?)11:13
coderustortoisedoc: use QProcess for lca-tool :D11:47
tortoisedoccoderus : im sorry w0t :D11:48
tortoisedocjokes apart I was thinking of that11:48
tortoisedocbut there's things lca-tool cant do11:48
tortoisedoccoderus : I think its more the point about libcontentaction; what is it good for if we have to rely on (yet another) tool11:48
coderustortoisedoc: so whay you want to do?11:50
tortoisedoclaunching apps, as requested by the user11:51
tortoisedoc(individual apps, that is)11:52
tortoisedocand libcontentaction is pörfect for this11:52
tortoisedocnow I know there's a qml counterside11:52
tortoisedocwhich is most likely allowed in harbour?11:52
coderustortoisedoc: i mean what are "there's things lca-tool cant do"11:54
tortoisedoccoderus : one use case for example is to start desktop files with arguments11:59
coderustortoisedoc: lca-tool --triggerdesktop app.desktop arg1 arg212:00
tortoisedocthats sounds better12:00
tortoisedocdoes it also work? :)12:00
tortoisedoc(last time I checked  - years ago - it didnt)12:01
coderustortoisedoc: works for me at least in 30212:24
coderusi tested my ad control integration with lca-tool12:24
tortoisedoccoderus : ad control? :)12:24
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caitlinwould you mind if i rejoined this channel?12:45
caitlinafter the latest update line out has stopped working on the xa2 and the rpms i had that made it work again decline to install12:46
abransoncaitlin: welcome back!13:07
malcaitlin: how do those fail to install?13:11
caitlincant -U them as they're olde rthan current15:13
caitlinand if i -i them then they have dependencies out of whack15:14
caitlinthey may need rebuilding (also sadness that the changes haven't made it into mainline)15:14
coderustortoisedoc: aliendalvik control15:23

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