Saturday, 2019-03-30

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ron282Hi. Everytime I try to compile a project I have  a permission denied. As an example, I cloned glib-networking, then mb2 -t SailfishOS- build => /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.qw0CyO: line 35: ./ Permission denied. It must be something obvious...15:58
malin which folder do you run that command?16:03
malron282: I would run in cloned folder (not in rpm folder) this: mb2 -s rpm/glib-networking.spec -t SailfishOS- build16:06
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Guest41554I have just installed sailfish on my phone but I have some problems. Is this the place to ask?16:08
malwhich phone?16:10
Guest41554Xperia XA216:10
Guest41554it is H4113/H413316:11
malwhat problems?16:11
Guest41554I can't get past the tutorial. When I get to the "Here is the minimized person-app - Tap to open", then I am being asked to swipe left or right to get backt start, but then it freezes and I cant' get any further. Can I skip this tutorial somehow?16:13
malwhen the tutorial starts you can tap display corners in clockwise order starting from top left corner16:15
malbut tutorial shouldn't freeze16:15
malhow do you swipe? from edge or not from edge?16:16
malthose are different16:16
Guest41554I am just checking again16:16
Guest41554all right, I did the clockwise tapping and then the tutorial went away. If I want to check if I swiped correctly can I start the tutorial from somewhere?16:19
maltutorial should be in the app grid as a normal app16:23
Guest41554I think that my concept of "edge" may no have been literal enough. It would probalby have worked if I had felt the little resistance in my finger from the edge when I swiped. Thank you!16:23
Guest41554Another thing: When I start the phone I get a warning message: "The device can't be checked for corruption, plaese lock the bootloader" (or something like that) Can I lock the bootloader again without any problem?16:25
malthat is normal, just ignore it16:25
malit's annoying I know16:25
Guest41554now I tried the tutorial again and actually it does not work no matter how I swipe16:32
locusfkimmoli: hmm?16:34
kimmolilocusf: apologies, typoed16:39
malGuest41554: there is some issue in that now that I tried it, could get it to work after few attempts16:51
Guest41554I tried many time, but no go16:56
Guest41554Is there some way to use Google Play Store with sailfish?16:59
Leif_EriksonYou should be able to install Google Play Service and Play Store. It was part of the Sailfish release of Intex.17:02
malsearching here is probably a good idea
RandomCharactersHello sailors!19:46
RandomCharactersAnyone from Jolla here that might be able to help me? I bought the Sailfish X beta for the XA2, but didn't get a link to download it19:48
ron282mal. thanks for your suggestion but same pb. I'm using the build engine installed with Qt.19:55
malron282: hmm, so how did connect to the terminal? you mean app sdk? not platform sdk?19:56
ron282mal. i'm using ssh -p 2222 -i ~/SailfishOS/vmshare/ssh/private_keys/engine/mersdk mersdk@localhost21:03

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