Monday, 2019-04-01

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antranigvwhere can I find information about ports?07:06
chriadamfor unofficial ports07:07
Krikke_so anyone had their keyboard gone missing?07:13
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Krikketrying to find out how I get it back07:13
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Krikkelul it was the usbc cable07:48
sledgesSpring is just around the corner, so are the translation strings!
tortoisedocmartyone : is gcc4.9 deployed on the builders?10:48
martyonetortoisedoc: I don't have an answer at hand, but you should be able to tell from the build log11:02
* satmd read: boulders11:26
satmd<_> insert coffee11:26
tortoisedocmartyone: _b11:52
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creichhey guys, i am using sailfish X on my sony XA2 device and just changed the password of one of my mailaccounts. unfortunately even after several tries, it just looks liek the client does not save the new password13:29
creichhow can i change it? or how can i assure that the new password is saved correctly?13:30
creichdo i really have to delete and recreate the account?13:30
creichlooks like a bug to me :(13:39
creichwhere should i file it?13:39
creichi just deleted the account and recreated it aterwards13:39
leszekhow can I configure pulseaudio to not try playback notification sounds via speaker when I have headphones plugged in? It must be a pulseaudio configuration and some sailor should have a clue so that we can finally fix the issue14:11
antranigvI'm sure inky knows15:11
antranigvbut he's not here right now15:11

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