Wednesday, 2019-04-03

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dcalisteHello jpetrell, I've prepared a MR implementing the TODO in jolla-calendar we discussed yesterday (// TODO: check calendarId and only sync if syncable). May I request write access to the repo so I can push it there ?08:54
jpetrelldcaliste: done. did you try forking and creating pull request from there?08:56
dcalisteNo, I've just seen "access level: Read" on the webpage.08:57
dcalisteNow, the Access level is set to write on the webpage, but pushing is still not working: "! [remote rejected] contrib-sync -> contrib-sync (pre-receive hook declined)"08:59
dcalistejpetrell: did I miss something on the branch naming convention ?08:59
jpetrelldcaliste: added rule that you are allowed to push branches with name contributor-*09:02
dcalistejpetrell: thanks, that works. I'm creating the MR.09:03
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pol77hello sailors12:47

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