Monday, 2019-04-08

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Almindorhow can you position a page on pagestack so it is "always to the right" (as if on top) of another without re-adding it all the time?02:30
Almindorwhat I need is the ability to swipe right and return to the previous page, but keep the top page accessible by sweeping left02:31
r0kk3rzyou dont use the page stack for that02:43
r0kk3rza way i tackled a similar issue is making the left page a big loader element, and swapping out the QML dynamically02:44
r0kk3rzso theres only ever two 'pages'02:44
r0kk3rzso you could use that for your right page, if that suits your interaction needs02:45
Almindorit seems I can use the "pushAttached" which works, my only quirk is I'd like to be able to jump to the attached page directly at times03:24
r0kk3rzi think you can do that if you have a reference to that page03:47
Almindoryeah it seems the trick is to use "Immediate" mode to add the pages and then .navigateForward03:51
Almindorhmm, I've installed gdbserver on the emulator as per but I'm still getting exit code 127 when trying to debug04:00
Almindordid something change recently? this used to work for me before04:01
caitlinmal, yeh :( or be taught to fish :/06:47
r0kk3rzsurely those fixes will make it into a release at some point06:51
caitlinI had hoped, but as yet no06:52
r0kk3rzwhich packages did you need?06:52
caitlina bunch of ohm-plugins things, and policy-settings-common06:57
caitlini don't know where or even if they're publically forked to make this work06:58
r0kk3rzid expect git.merproject.org06:58
r0kk3rzoh they renamed it, then06:59
r0kk3rzso no, it hasnt been merged yet -
caitlinwinner, thanks07:01
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Mister_Magisterwho is the guy who manages jolla-devices?17:51
Mister_Magisterfledermaus: whet18:37
attahNemo Thumbnailer with http(s):// paths appears not to work, is that really so?18:44
fledermausMister_Magister: are you not expanding scnr or did you not get the preceding reference?18:48
Mister_Magisterfledermaus: shaft part i don't get18:48
Mister_Magisterfledermaus: i don't follow18:58
fledermausit's a call response in the song.19:00
fledermaus"who's the man who <insert awesomet thing here>"19:00
fledermausyou asked.19:03
Mister_Magisterfledermaus: and didn't got an answer19:05
fledermaussheesh, it was just a joke.19:07
Mister_Magisteri don't mind joke just searching for answer19:08
fledermausok. well I don't have that, sorry.19:08
UmeaboyHi! Where are the src.rpm'22:21
Umeaboys located?22:21
UmeaboyI would like to rebuild ofono for the Pioneer model.22:22
UmeaboyI capabilities to call and send/recieve SMS, but I can't surf. It might be due to wrong AP settings, but if those were wrong wouldn't that mean that I'd have no service?22:23
UmeaboyI meant APN.22:25
UmeaboyThe standard APN setting was wrong from when I installed Sailfish.22:29
r0kk3rzso change it?22:38
vknechtUmeaboy, afaik there's no real "src.rpm", what we have is .spec files to build .rpm files, ie. for all devices22:43
malofono rebuild won't help with such things probably22:44
r0kk3rzjust set it in the settings22:44
UmeaboyYeah. This has happened to me in Lineage as well.22:44
Umeaboyvknecht: Can I build ofono locally on my laptop or do I need to build it on my phone?22:45
malnobody builds such things on phone22:46
vknechtif you have platformsdk or obs account, no need to build on phone22:46
vknechtit could be more complicated to set up :)22:47
vknecht(on phone, I mean)22:47
Umeaboyvknecht: OK, because the presets where wrong and I didn't set it that way.22:48
vknechtbut as said, default APN setup may not be related to ofono ; iirc when I looked for that, it's a gnome package which has the defaults22:49
monichvknecht: is the provider database used by sfos22:50
vknechtyeah, that's it :-)
vknechtso what's the "real" one ? :-)22:52
r0kk3rzthe one monich just linked to22:53
* monich nods22:53
monichthere's also support for ota provisioning in case if provider has that22:54
r0kk3rzsame thing22:54
* vknecht was just promoting the renaming ;-)22:55
UmeaboyI'll make a fork and add the right APN settings.23:13

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