Wednesday, 2019-04-10

Almindorr0kk3rz: it doesn't normally do it, try putting the phone to your ear with just some random app running it won't dim. It only does it if the app sets it somehow. I suppose I could use QSensor and send mce the "dim screen" message as needed...00:07
r0kk3rzhmm, talk to spiiroin about it00:15
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spiiroinAlmindor is gone, but... if you have an app that performs phone like function / otherwise needs to have in-call like proximity blanking behavior in your app, you can tell mce that there is a call ->
spiiroinor, if this is something you want to do in general -> you can tell mce to treat proximity sensor as lid/cover sensor -> mcetool --set-ps-acts-as-lid=<enabled|disabled>05:57
spiiroinbtw, if an app making those call state requests drops from dbus, the request will be automatically ignored -> if testing with mcetool, it must not be allowed to exit immediately -> mcetool --set-call-state=active:normal --block06:03
r0kk3rzthanks spiiroin06:19
dcalisteHello chriadam, just a word to report that Maus who tested the mKCal patch yesterday is reporting that it fixes the issue of un-deletable event (see MER#2032).06:54
chriadamnice work06:54
dcalisteYeh, that's good.06:55
dcalisteYesterday, I forgot to tell you also that I won't be there next week and won't be able to attent the meeting.06:56
chriadamah, no problem :-)06:56
chriadamI saw that pvuorela had a few comments on the PR - will you get a chance to address those this week?  or maybe you did that already?06:56
dcalisteI'm replying to his remarks just now and will soon push the corrected version to jolla-email repo.06:57
chriadambrilliant, thanks.  hopefully once that is done he will approve and I can merge/tag ;-)06:58
CoolgeekI want to update some of my apps from openrepos, but storeman says there is an error : "File './qt/armv7hl/dconf-0.28.0-1.3.1.jolla.armv7hl.rpm' not found on medium ''"09:05
Coolgeekany idea ?09:05
karry@Coolgeek try to update your package cache... Run "pkcon refresh" from command line...09:06
Coolgeekdoing it now... will see :)09:08
Coolgeekkarry: thx, ot worked !09:10
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spiiroinr0kk3rz: before I forget - that in-call proximity blanking depends also on audio routing i.e. when headset/loudspeaker is used -> no proximity blanking. if it does not work with custom "calls" in the expected manner -> audiorouting/ohm hiccups/confusion could be the reason10:27
manemobiiliHas anyone tried compiling plain linux desktop software on sailfishos?13:31
leszekmanemobiili: apparently. Like weechat and others exist for SFOS aswell13:39
manemobiilileszek: how about wayland?13:44
Almindorwhat's the correct way to blank but not lock the display from an app?17:14
Almindormce headers suggest apps should never call MCE_DISPLAY_*_REQ calls17:15
spiiroinAlmindor: blanking is ok, unblanking is not18:05
spiiroinAlmindor: btw, did you see the stuff I wrote earlier today?18:05
spiiroinAlmindor: I mean "to induce in-call like proximity behavior, tell mce that you have ongoing call" ->
Almindordidn't see, checking now, thanks!18:17
Almindorhmm ok and this will blank the screen when in active state?18:18
Almindorhmm I'm probably doing something wrong, getting [D] :49 - call failed org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown message: The name was not provided by any .service files18:27
spiiroinAlmindor: system bus18:27
Almindorok, so I got true back on setting it to 'active'/'normal' but it doesn't seem to do anything. screen stays on if I trigger the sensor18:31
Almindornot using audio in any way atm. so it shouldn't be the speakers thing18:33
AlmindorI know the proximity sensor is working fine, it reports things fine, but the screen doesn't blank. Tried with no audio and audio playing (not loudspeaker). Is there any way to debug this further? The Dbus call returned true19:06
attahSo that'd be *after* sensorfw i guess? Otherwise perhaps:
Almindorwhat do you mean after?19:14
attahlike things sorta happen in a chain right... something reads sensor and then tells other thingamajig to dim screen19:15
Almindorwell I suspect mce is supposed to listen to the sensor and turn the screen off if the call state is set to 'active'19:16
AlmindorI have 0 control over that stuff apart from setting that state, but since I got true back I'm fairly sure that part worked ok19:16
attahand listen is on dbus? so i guess sensorfwd is talking on dbus... but i don't actually know that19:16
Almindoryou mean the proximitysensor?19:17
attahand probably many others19:17
AlmindorI just use QML's ProximitySensor with active: true and a logger on the event19:17
Almindorthat part registers ok19:17
attahXA2 screwy proximity sensor workaround is to restart sensorfwd19:17
AlmindorI get true with hand close, false without19:17
Almindorno I think the issue is with mce and the active call state19:18
Almindorfor some reason mce doesn't dim the screen even tho I set the call state to active/normal and get 'true' back19:18
attahis that in the qt call method, or on dbus-monitor?19:19
Almindorthis is on a Jolla 1 test phone, the call to mce is done using dbus interface (QML) right on the start of the app atm. (logged)19:20
AlmindorI then trigger the sensor but the screen stays up19:20
Almindorlooks like this:
attahHmm, yeah, i don't really have any ideas here19:30
coderusshouldn't we be able to reinstall any existing package inside sdk? what the point of preinstalling pacakge inside target, but package is not available in repo? i'm talking about ambienced-devel package.19:47
spiiroinAlmindor: 1st get it working with mcetool: 1) "systemctl restart mce" (the assumed audiorouting defaults = allows blanking); 2) "mcetool -c active:normal -B" (it should now react to sensor cover/uncover)20:13
spiiroinif when that works, you can stop mce service and run it manually in debug mode, for ex.20:14
spiiroinmce -Tqqq -ldatapipe.c:audio*pipe -ldatapipe.c:proximity_sensor_effective_pipe -l modules/audiorouting.c:audio_route_sink20:14
spiiroinshould show you both proximity & audio route processing20:15
spiiroinif you physically get the audio to go to the earpiece in the phone, but mce reports != "handset" -> might be case of missing sink mapping20:21
Almindorthanks, I'll check this out20:21
Almindordo I have to install mcetool from somewhere?20:24
spiiroinAlmindor: pkcon install mce-tools20:24
Almindorah mce-tools20:24
Almindorright thx20:24
Almindorok mcetool side works fine, going to do the debug logs now20:26
Almindorthe logging output of mce <your args> should be stdout/stderr?20:27
spiiroinAlmindor: yes, the "-T" part switches from syslog -> stderr20:28
Almindorit's not outputing anything20:28
spiiroin"mce -V" says?20:29
Almindor# mce -V20:29
Almindormce v1.99.820:29
Almindorwouldn't the -Tqqq make it quiet?20:29
Almindorah that was it, removed the qqq20:30
spiiroinAlmindor: yes, but then we turn on specific parts20:30
Almindoroh hmm20:30
spiiroinbut, sorry. some of that stuff is from current devel head of mce. I'll need to check a bit20:30
spiiroinmce -Tqqq -lmodules/aud*:*  -ltklock.c:audio*pipe*cb20:33
spiirointhen drop the 'qqq' and add things like perhaps '-ltklock.c:tklock_uiexception_rethink'20:34
spiiroinbut getting the sink name that gets activated when you app does audio playing would be the 1st glue20:35
AlmindorI can confirm mce works without the audioplayback in there20:44
Almindorthe logs are with the playback of course20:44
Almindoryou can see the OPEN -> CLOSe in the middle for the sensor20:46
AlmindorI suspect it's because the playback is categorized as music?  it's not loud tho, doesn't seem to be "loudspeaker" setting (maxing out I can berely hear it)20:46
spiiroinAlmindor: a sec, been a while this was touched ...20:46
Almindorsure, no rush :) NOTE: I'm just using MediaPlayer (QML) with a file as placeholder for testing, i wonder if maybe there's some enum I need to set to make it think it's a call audio?20:47
spiirointhat "music playback" thing is more about volume key policy... should not affect proximity blanking20:49
spiiroinbut I can see only "audio sink 'ihf' -> audio route 1" like info in the log20:50
spiiroinwhich should be "internal hands free" aka the speaker. not earpiece20:52
spiirointhe assumption is that proximity blanking is only desirable when sound goes to earpiece -> phone is placed at ear during call while not using headset/speaker20:53
Almindorhow is the sink controller?20:53
spiiroina bit outside my area of expertise... jusa would know, possibly others too20:55
Almindorhmm no that doesn't seem to exist in our Qt version yet20:55
Almindorlooking at but getting invalid property in qml20:56
Almindoroh wait just using old version of import, but using audioRole: MediaPlayer.VoiceCommunicationRole doesn't seem to change it20:58
spiiroinswitching between headset and speaker is "automatic" on headset connect/disconnect20:59
AlmindorI don't have anything connected on this jolla20:59
spiiroingetting audio to go to the earpiece might be something completely else20:59
spiiroincall ui has toggle that chooses between earpiece and speaker ...21:01
Almindorcall ui isn't open source is it? :D21:02
spiiroinno, but qml sources are there and can be read21:02
Almindorwhere? I wasn't able to find the phone app sources anywhere21:02
spiiroinbut those cellular calls are probably quite different from all other audio things.21:03
Almindorthere has to be a way, android apps can do it21:04
Almindorwould be really sad if this wasn't possible from native21:05
spiiroinAlmindor: /usr/share/voicecall-ui-jolla/pages/calling/InCallView.qml21:05
spiiroinspeakerSwitch does things like: telephony.audioMode = 'earpiece'21:06
spiiroinwhere that actually leads is another thing21:06
Almindorwhere's telephony itself from?21:08
spiiroinprobably: /usr/share/voicecall-ui-jolla/VoiceCallManager.qml21:10
AlmindorI don't think I'm allowed to import import Sailfish.Telephony 1.021:13
spiiroinI was thinking that it might provide some hints, but I guess it delves into cellular specialities21:15
spiiroinprobably all it needs is some audio magick, but...21:16
spiiroinpulse-audio I mean21:17
Almindorwell in it says that  Call audio management and routing is implemented through PulseAudio:21:18
Almindorbut it only goes directly to sources on the two there21:18
Almindorthere has to be a nice way to switch the sink for an app21:20
spiiroinI could try asking around tomorrow/fri, but now I think I need to get some sleep21:23
Almindorsure, thanks a lot anyway! at least now I know where the issue is21:24
AlmindorI'll be around the next few days21:24
spiiroinok, meanwhile what might work for app development purposes: rename/move /usr/lib/mce/modules/ somewhere21:26
spiirointhat should cause: mce does not get audiorouting changes -> the startup default that allows proximity blanking stays effective even if you do audio playback21:27
spiiroinbut do check that mce starts up & otherwise behaves / maybe do not leave it like that over reboots21:28

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