Friday, 2019-04-12

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* ToeiRei waves hello.09:26
ToeiReiI stumbled upon sailfish today and I'm pretty confused.09:28
ToeiReias far as I understand, it should be a mobile OS which is not android, right?09:29
ToeiReiMaemo and that kind of things, if I remember that right09:30
ToeiReibut why do I need to flash some CM/Android 5 then?09:30
Smardo you?09:31
ToeiReias far as I can see from the tutorials - whereas I am not sure what outdated stuff I have here09:31
Smarit depends of the phone, but basically you should flash Sailfish’s image and not vice versa09:32
Smarwhich tutorial you’re looking at?09:32
ToeiReiI'm having a 1+1 around here....09:32
ToeiReithe tutorials I have here suggest some weird multiboot stuff09:33
SmarI don’t think that’s official image provided by Jolla?09:33
ToeiReiI suspect those wouldn't work on that device09:33
Smarprobably, but I don’t know but the official image09:34
ToeiReiafaik official images are for sony Xperia and those.09:35
ToeiReiso basically I'm 'officially out' ;)09:36
Smarwell, your tutorial may work09:36
ToeiReithat's why I say 'officially'. It doesn't say i give up.09:37
Smarah, right :)09:37
ToeiReimy point is that I'm fed up with the common android userland.09:37
Smarwell, I’d think you could ignore any multiboot things09:37
Smarand install only sailfish09:37
ToeiReiI think so.09:38
Smarbut this only a guess09:38
ToeiReiI mean it's just a bit of taking that multiboot thingy apart to see what it actually does09:38
ToeiReiI am checking out alternatives for the android userland trying to get *something* useful.09:38
Smarwhich tutorial you’re following?09:39
ToeiReidigging into there.09:39
ToeiReinot done the complete homework on it yet...09:40
ToeiRei3.0.2.8 beta 1 was checked in there a few hours ago... which is just a number to me yet09:40
Smar”The sailfish-bacon image needs to be installed together with a Cyanogenmod image. To fully support camera and video this needs to be”09:40
Smarthat’s probably more or less newest version09:41
Smarso I guess you really should do that CM thingy09:41
ToeiReiyep. I *think* it's some kind of driver harvesting09:41
Smarthat’s actually how xperia’s Android support works (and maybe other drivers)09:42
Smaror similar, anyway09:42
ToeiReiI was thinking that it could be their sandbox. But tbh, android 5?09:42
Smarat least it *has* android support, that’s more than one would expect :P09:43
ToeiRei"even the bugs from back then were ported" ;)09:43
ToeiReiI had my share with that ubuntu touch yesterday night09:43
ToeiReiand I went 'holy crap, that thing is iPhony'....09:44
Smarsailfish is nice, and bends to surprisingly many things09:44
ToeiReimy workflow is kinda.... oldfashioned from the Windows PE times if you remember those09:45
Smarnever really used09:45
ToeiReihaving a dashboard showing me my schedule for the day, tasks and all that stuff at one glance.09:45
ToeiReiand a few apps pulled out for faster access...09:46
Smaryeap :P09:46
ToeiReiI do not want to swipe and tap through tons of steps until having my next task showing up09:46
ToeiReisadly android with quite chronius is the only thing so far to do that. Anything else needs additional steps.09:47
ToeiReiyou know - reducing SoT09:47
ToeiReiScreen On Time09:47
ToeiReiPull device out, unlock, look, put back into pocket. Rinse/Repeat as needed.09:47
ToeiReiI would be mean if I'd deny the fact that a persons smartphone gets touched more often and caressed that their partner ;)09:49
ToeiReiI looked at the CM image. Seems to be drivers / HAL10:16
ToeiReiokay.... that's pretty much swiping on sailfish10:38
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Almindorspiiroin: any news on the mce/audio front?19:37
antismal: you there?20:31
antisOn libhybris wiki the modem image is still given in BP folder. Seems this is no longer true and the FPOS zip has a flat file hierarchy now.20:37
mal antis: fixed21:28
antisThat was fast cool!21:28
antisFound that the acceleration sensor seems not working quite right after upgrading to on FP2. Opened an issue on the site:
antisMight as well be a "false positive" though as I just noticed that when quickly rushing through some apps…21:32
malantis: what do you mean it's not working?21:33
maldid you try to reboot, but before that grab journalctl -n100000 or something21:34
antisI tried that old "whip" fun app and it does not react on movements. So I found that "Spring" app and it does show something, but values on x,y,z remain "0.0". Will check the log thanks!21:35
spiiroinAlmindor: not yet, forgot about vacations. ping me again monday ...21:36
malantis: also harbour-messwerk app is good for checking all sensors21:40
malshould be available to install via commandline21:40
antisInstalled the app: Really cool thanks!22:06
malantis: I have used 3.0.2 for quite a while now without any sensor issues22:07
antisSensors all work fine. So it is that old app not playing nicely. No problem.22:07
malantis: do native apps rotate correctly, like messages app22:08
mal*jolla apps22:08
antisMessages? You mean portrait/landscape mode? Yeah they do.22:10
malso that means accelerometer sensor works without problems22:10
antisYeah no problem. I was just mislead by an old app. Sorry for the inconvinience. :)22:11
malneed to check the apps you said, were did you get those, store or openrepos?22:12
antisI noticed that behaviour only on the "WhipMe" fun app from Jolla store.22:19
antisWhat I find more important from a "usability" aspect is, that if the device is in landscape mode, the top menu stays in portrait. This is, when rotation is locked and an app "forces" a layout (like e.g. some video or game apps do).22:22
malhmm, that's not supposed to happen, if app correctly force landscape the top menu should be landscape22:29
malantis: whipme works fine for me22:30
malit's just not very sensitive, needs to be quite quick whipping motion22:30
antisHmm… nope. Even by reinstalling it is still not "whipping".22:35
antisPermissions maybe?22:36
antisHmm… -> o journal files were opened due to insufficient permissions.22:47
antiswhen trying to run "journalctl"22:48
malyou need to run it with devel-su, i.e. journalctl needs root permissions22:56

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