Sunday, 2019-04-14

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ThaodanI wanted to set the default time of jolla clock to the current time by setting the time and hour attribute on either Qt.formatDate(new Date(), "hh") or Qt.formatDate(new Date(), "mm") however that has no effect on the timePicker element. Is there something that could override this?02:41
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attahDo we know how to increase the memory for (whatever part of) the new Android runtime from 256MB?06:56
attahSo i have this ugly thing to format duration of media Qt.formatTime(new Date(getFile().duration*1000), "hh:mm:ss")12:49
attahIt seems that it has started compensating for daylight savings12:49
attahWhat should i have done?12:49
attahugh... Qt.formatTime(new Date(0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, getFile().duration*1000)14:10
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Almindorwhat should I use to get microphone input? QAudioInput?16:06

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