Wednesday, 2019-04-17

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pketoPSA: is going to have a maintenance break for about 30-60 minutes, starting around 12:00 EEST. This will affect all services using Jolla account login, like store, shop, TJC, blog, etc.08:51
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HoSnoopyhello. I have a problem with osm scout server. I am completely lost.10:14
HoSnoopyit says "raster tiles are not available supported with these settings, but I did it as shown in the tutorial.10:15
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Almindorjusa: is there any open source example of the "difficult" method on how to switch sinks anywhere?15:20
Almindoralso anyone can help with getting gdb to work remotely? I'm getting the "gdb exited with 127" error even tho I installed pkcon install gdb-gdbserver qt5-qtdeclarative-plugin-qmlinspector (both device an emulator)15:32
rinigusHoSnoopy: if you want to use raster tiles, set the profile to the one that supports it. By default, its configured for mapboxgl vector tiles (to run as a server for pure maps and laufhelden)19:18

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