Sunday, 2019-04-21

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coderusKabouik_: i dont think fishnetmount doing anything special. do same in terminal and check output08:30
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SebbanI flashed Sailfish X on an Xperia X recently.  The Xperia had the latest Android version available but never ran with any SIM in it17:33
Sebbanthe network seems fine.  It reconnects as it should when I lose coverage, I haven't tried roaming though17:34
Sebban...but, I have this problem where IPv4 stops working after a while on 4G.  IPv6 continues to work.  My operator has dual stack on 4G and IPv4 only on 3G.  If I switch to 3G and back to 4G then IPv4 starts working again for a while until it stops17:35
Sebbantraceroute on IPv4 shows that it goes 3 hops into the operators network and then packages get dropped17:35
Sebban...should I reflash to Android?... I mean, it's not the typical problem that I have read about (roaming not working, 4G not working at all, etc.)17:36
Sebbanscreen -dr18:12
Sebbansorry, fat fingering the fingerterm shortcuts...18:12
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