Sunday, 2019-04-28

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hallynhad to put the sailfish x phone away for the week.  was trying to do 'ssu r' to test different releases to see if they fix SMS not working, but although the account page says i'm all set, ssu r kept failing.03:18
hallynnot sure if this is the place to mention it, but another little bug i ran into was about 1 in 5 unlock attempts, it would hang for several seconds on the lock screen, unresponsive.03:19
hallyn(  i'll get back to testing it when i have time (since i'll need to hack on ofono it looks like, to fix sms), but this week i need a working phone, so :(03:20
r0kk3rzhallyn: talk to monich about it03:24
r0kk3rzthe sms bug i mean03:24
hallynr0kk3rz: monich: would be good to see where to get some more log info about how it's failing.  journalctl was unhelpful03:29
r0kk3rzthere is an ofono logger app on openrepos03:30
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attahkarry: Any idea why i might be running in to this?
attah(always on longpress on the map)09:37
Almindorjusa: ping?15:47
Almindorwhat's the proper way to handle screen activation (including when locked) for an app when it needs to (e.g. handling incoming call)21:02
monichAlmindor: display state signals issued by mce?21:07
Almindormonich: you mean I should send a signal to mce?21:47
Almindormonich: I'm not talking phone calls, I'm talking VOIP incoming on my app21:47
monichah, how to wake it up21:47
monichI think it's mce who tracks the call state and turns on the display when necessary21:48
monichbut there may be a way to ask mce to turn the display on21:49
monichand keep it on21:49
monichin any case it's mce who controls it21:50
Almindoryeah mce has call state and I can even ask to set it but the problem is it's ignored if the audio sink is set to media (which it is by default)23:08
Almindorand as far as I know there's no way to change the audio sink, jusa was supposed to know but I never got a reply23:09
monichAlmindor: mce allows to set the display state too but for whatever reason it's discouraged:
monichdbus-send --system --type=method_call --print-reply /com/nokia/mce/request
monichthis ^ works though23:19
Almindoryeah if that works I'll use it until jusa or someone else finally tells me how to set the proper audio sink (which I need in the long run anyhow coz I'm stuck with speakerphone and can't use the earpiece)23:21

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