Saturday, 2019-06-08

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FloR707Hi, I copied the SearchField help code example but it creates an error.12:23
FloR707nvalid alias reference. Unable to find id "headerItem"12:23
FloR707                     property alias searchField: headerItem12:23
FloR707Invalid alias reference. Unable to find id "headerItem"12:23
FloR707                     property alias searchField: headerItem12:23
FloR707Does someone know what the correct code would be to access the header within a ListView?12:24
AntiHawkHi everyone, I am running Sailfish OS and looking for best way to run simple bash script every X minutes. Can you help?13:46
AntiHawkmore google found this
x2sI guess a systemd timer would be better13:54
AntiHawkyeah best answer on the thread was systemd timer, I am going with that13:57
AntiHawkfinally took my Jolla out of the drawer and decided to make car management gateway out of it xD13:57
x2sBut that's what RaspberryPis are for! ;)13:58
AntiHawkYeah but Jolla has GPS, 4G and internal battery that I can use as a reserve battery when other systems besides the car itself run out of power14:14
AntiHawkI'm planning something like Jolla+RPi3+few nodeMCUs14:16
louis_I friend of mine does experience some weird issues on his XA2 which presisted upon reflash stock firmware hence seems to be hardware related. However his mobile cerrier (where we brought the phone refuse to repair on warranty due to the unlocked bootloader warning. Any known way to remove it?14:34
louis_* a friend14:35
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x2slouisdk: use the flashtool and relock the bootloader15:09
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louisdkx2s: Is it possible? Tried reflashing with flashtoool but didn't seem to relock.16:45
x2slouisdk: second post17:03
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FloR7071Hi, I created this component PopUp.qml but I do not get it to work. It shall create an overlay with a text message that can be clicked away. But it does not display and I cannot access the function show or the property msg.20:52
FloR7071When I add it to another page autocomplete picks up the names so I guess I included it correct.20:54

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