Tuesday, 2019-06-11

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Krikkeso did the xperia x fingerprint sensor stop working in ?06:07
Krikkeit lists my old fingerprints but it seems I cannot open lock with finger or enroll new prints06:08
Krikkejust updated06:08
chriadamabranson might have some info ^06:09
Krikkeok, hold the phone, rebooted, now it works again06:16
Krikkejust didn't work right after the -> update06:16
chriadamplease ping us if the issue comes back06:17
Krikkewill do06:18
tadzikI found it to be just a lot more unreliable after the second-to-last update, very often just not picking up the fact that I put a finger on it06:25
Krikkewell it felt like that yes06:35
Krikkeseems I missed for the X06:35
dcalisteHello chriadam, I've just seen your email. No problem for today.06:37
chriadamdcaliste: great - sorry about that, but I have to head off in about 15 minutes06:37
dcalisteDon't worry. I have some difficulties to attend myself also ;) Just some minutes now. We can discuss next week or in between if necessary.06:39
chriadamsounds good.  have a great week!06:40
Krikkewould love to have fingerprint support on the xa2 too ^_^06:42
Krikkeand nfc ofc :D06:43
r0kk3rzthey did nfc06:55
r0kk3rzit just doesnt do much06:55
Krikkeyeah well, seems the android side is unaware of it, at least play store does not offer the apps I want06:57
r0kk3rzwell thats different06:57
Krikkewhich by the way started working in :D06:57
KrikkeI was surprised when it said I have updates, and then proceeded to download and install them06:58
KrikkeI think is the first version that could really be called beta06:59
r0kk3rzwhats the install method you used for playstore?07:01
Krikkelemme find the link07:01
KrikkeI just did the steps with squashfs on my linux box07:02
Krikkedidn't bother to install it on sailfish07:02
Krikkeso I just moved around the system.img07:02
r0kk3rzsounds involved07:03
Krikkewell it's basically, download opengapps, copy /opt/alien/system.img to linux box, run script, copy back07:04
Krikkeoh and stop android support first07:04
Krikkealso you need to do it after every update07:04
Krikkesince they tend to do stuff to the system.img07:05
Krikkeso it's overwritten07:05
r0kk3rzi wonder if you could overlayfs it instead07:07
Krikkehow does that work?07:10
Krikkelike a fs on top of squashfs?07:10
r0kk3rzmaybe it wont be so bad once the adaptation is stable07:12
r0kk3rzand they wont change things so much07:13
Krikkelet's hope so07:13
r0kk3rzbut im sure an easier method can be created, it runs in a container after all07:27
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superprowerGreetings! I am trying to configure QtCreator from Application SDK so that I can step into Qt sources (specifically QtMultimedia) while debugging. I have tried installing -debugsource and -debuginfo packages in Build Engine, fetching Qt sources and pointing both Qt (Source Path Mapping) and GDB (dir directives in Additional Startup Commands) to them, but to no result - I can see the sources, but I can't step into them while11:57
superprowerdebugging. I think it may be because I need to specify path so that Build Engine can read it, i.e. not use my home directory but where it's mounted in Build Engine? Is this guess correct? Or what else should I do? Thanks in advance.11:57
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