Friday, 2019-06-28

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TW1920Does anybody know that On the XA2 will fingerprint avaiable at any time? Is there a current status or it will be like it is?11:13
bionade24TW1920: With the next minor release, 3.1, which comes soon. It's already merged.12:54
TW1920@bionade24 thanks for info :) Sounds nice!13:29
TW1920I hope that with Aurora the Sailfish community and support will grow up. I don't think that the rumors about huawei true (ok, it would be nice, but I think they will have thier focus on Ark OS) I wish their would be more supported devices and more people using it. But the most people don't interested in freedome :/13:29
bionade24TW1920: When the Russian goverment make their visions true, circa nearly 50% of Russia's people will use Aurora. Then we'll have a much larger user base.14:05
TW1920Russia invested a lot of money in a own dev team and payed the last years the most money to jolla - I don't think that they did without using it^^14:14
bionade24TW1920: For sure. But OpenMobilePlatform isn't a fully russian Company, they're also in czech14:16
TW1920The hope that Sailfish will grow up. Stephon Elop destroyed so much :/14:33
TW1920Now the mobile market is like the desktop - and all closed source (android is pseudo open source)14:33
TW1920And being in czech too is in my opinion good - so there is a good chance being successfully not only in russia14:33
bionade24TW1920: We'll probably get the Xperia 10 as Sailfish X device, too.14:34
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