Saturday, 2019-07-06

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vknechtafaik, yes when device has multirom support ; otherwise still possible by fastbooting/flashing boot image06:41
qdynamoHello, how difficult would it be for someone with no experience in porting Android custom ROMs to port Sailfish?11:56
faenilhi guys11:58
faenilIt seems the update to destroyed my cellulare connectivity :) my J1 can successfully register with the operator, but no calls/sms11:58
faenilI tried removing the ofono configs and rebooting, but that didn't help11:58
faenilanyone who can save me from spending Sat afternoon debugging that? :D11:59
r0kk3rzqdynamo: its not like porting android roms so much12:07
vknechtfaenil, not sure how that applies to & J1, but on some ports elros34 found we had to downgrade ofono:
vknechtmaybe it's operator dependent12:20
malqdynamo: which device and android version does it have?12:44
qdynamomal: I want to port it to Xperia M2, it has an unofficial version of LOS 15.112:47
malprobably should not be too difficult12:50
bionade24My aliendalvik is crashing at startup and I get a DBus error I don't understand. Can anyone pls help me?
malwhich device?15:44
bionade24mal: Xperia XA215:46
bionade24mal: I hoped it'll be fixed when I upgrade to but the error remains15:47
bionade24mal: I also tried to reinstall aleindalvik, nothing changed15:47
malcheck journalctl -b for alien related messages15:48
bionade24mal: Can only see that alienaudioservice and alienkeyboardservice restart very often15:56
malhow about showing the log15:59
malnow enough log16:11
bionade24Seems like I miss /usr/bin/ How could it disappear and is still missing after reinstalling android-support from Jolla Harbour16:29
malthat is not needed16:35
malit's normally not there, it's for some special additional things16:35
bionade24mal: Thanks for this Info, didn't expected this. Here is maybe some interesting log, too. I'll now read the initscript.17:35
malbionade24: just curious, do you have a lot of contacts in people app?17:38
bionade24mal: Depends on what are lots of contacts. Pobably >200, but I didn't added anyone since I use Sailfish18:01
bionade24mal: Do you have any ideas?18:40
malbionade24: do those contacts come from google account or something like that?18:42
malthe logs you gave tell nothing18:42
malyou can try to run "lxc-attach -n aliendalvik -- /system/bin/logcat" right after starting alien to get logs from it18:43
bionade24That's what I'm currently trying :)18:44
bionade24mal: Imported from a vCard18:45
malok, there has been a few cases where a lot of contacts have caused alien to fail18:46
bionade24mal: I'm not 100%ly sure, but I definately didn't added more than 2 contacts, and it worked for over a month18:47
malhmm, ok18:47
malcan't you get any more log18:50
malbionade24: have you installed any strange apps?18:50
bionade24The part above or the beneath?18:50
malhmm "There must be exactly one installer; found []"18:51
malabove, older messages18:51
bionade24mal: I have an idea now. I tried to update the system Apps which were showm with update avaiable in the Android store. It was contacts and camera. Installations always failed.18:51
bionade24mal: Other Apps are WhatsApp, Keybase APKPure18:52
maldo not try to update the internal apps18:54
bionade24mal: Nowadays, I know this xD18:54
malso alien still fails for you now?18:54
bionade24mal: Yes, reinstalling Android Support and upgrade to latest OS didn't help18:55
maldo you need the stuff in alien?18:57
bionade24mal: And this error is just normal18:57
mali.e. the files in it18:57
bionade24mal: Sadly, I need WhatsApp18:57
malthose are not errors18:57
bionade24mal: When someone tries to enter a unavailable dir? This seems new to me.18:58
malbionade24: so one way it to backup /home/.android, then remove that, reinstall alien and copy back the things you need18:59
bionade24mal: Thanks, I'll try and investigate more19:00
malall installed alien data is in that folder so removing that will make alien new again, reinstalling after removing is probably needed as installation creates some files there19:01
bionade24mal: You mean android_storage, don't you? The other dir is deprecated19:03
malbionade24: no19:03
malfrom lxc configs19:06
mal# Mount /data - always /home/.android now19:06
mallxc.mount.entry = /home/.android/data data none bind 0 019:06
bionade24mal: Take a look into, this is my source19:06
malbionade24: you are confusing "/data" and the android storage, android_storage is where it stores the media stuff etc19:11
bionade24mal: Yes, sorry, your're right. Packed everything in a tar archive now.19:14
bionade24mal: Didn't work19:32
malbionade24: anything in logs now19:33
malyou did reinstall alien?19:33
bionade24mal: When I deleted the folders, it was marked as uninstalled19:33
malbut you need to reinstall the rpm19:35
malapkd rpms also19:35
malthe ones that are installed19:35
bionade24mal: Yes, I'm currently removing, reboot and install19:35
bionade24mal: Aliendalvik now works20:02
bionade24mal: I'll now roll out the backup partly20:02
malbionade24: try to find only the whatsapp stuff in there20:03
malprobably there are some instructions somewhere online20:03
bionade24mal: No problem with tar20:08
malbionade24: maybe not a good idea to copy all20:08
maljust what you really need20:08
bionade24mal: That's what I ment20:09
bionade24mal: Try until I find the cause20:09
bionade24mal: Or it never appears20:09
bionade24mal: Thanks for everything, btw20:09
malno problem20:11
bionade24mal: The real Problem is that the Facebook assholes blocked the development of the inofficial WA Client with their lawyers20:15
malthose closed services are like cancer20:17
bionade24mal: But converting them all to XMPP users is only a dream :(20:18
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