Monday, 2019-07-29

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attahI'm having issues with youtube videos stuttering and going out of sync in the native browser... any idea on how to troubleshoot?09:27
attahI find it somewhat unlikely that it is expected that i can't really go above 360p...09:29
attahjournalctl has nothing, and cpu load looks just fine09:29
malattah: which device?09:38
malthat shouldn't happen then, have you installed any custom codec packages from open repos or something like that?09:43
attahno, i don't think so09:43
attahI did get some extras from mer-tools, but i'm pretty sure that was back on my Xperia X09:44
attahThis is what's on there
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piggzmonich: ping, interted in amazfish?14:20
monichpiggz :)14:20
monichthought of buying one of those watches or what they're called14:21
piggzso, all the packages are in openrepos.....14:22
piggzand also buildt on OBS14:22
piggzi dont get how it installs fine for some and not others14:22
piggz"keep calm and pkcon refresh"14:23
monichI never tried to install those, I just pulled the app rpm14:23
monichI'll take another look14:24
monichbut I generally like it when it's just one package14:24
monichand one repo (with git modules)14:24
piggzmonich: for developemnt, its enough to add the kf5 repo to the build machine14:28
monichyes, I understand that14:29
monichI'll take a look next time I feel like it14:30
monichI haven't received the device yet :)14:30
monichwhen I do, that will give me some motivation14:30
piggzmonich: and you goe the bip, not another?14:32
monichlet me see, I don't remember :) something cheap14:33
monichactually it's Xiaomi Mi Band 314:33
monichany chance to get that one working?14:33
piggzmonich: yes,14:34
piggzprotocol is similar14:34
piggzmonich: you can subclass it, and be the first 'additioanl device'14:34
monichyey :)14:35
piggzsubclass abstractdevice, implement some helpers14:35
piggzand, find bugs in by device abstraction layer, which has bever really been tested, so it will be good to develop it further14:35
monichsounds like fun14:36
piggzby reading the code for gadgetbridge, you can find out what the device supports etc14:36
piggzi basically convert gadgetbridge java code to qt/qml14:37
piggzfor the low level stuff14:37
* monich nods14:38
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piggzjust doscovered noson ... a sonos controller app written in qml .... gotta be worth a port to sailfilsh!16:30
piggzif we had qtquick controls it might 'just work!'16:30
Venemo_XA2if only qt quick controls were actually decent16:31
Venemo_XA2very recently I helped a friend with a uni project who was working on a QQC desktop app16:34
Venemo_XA2let me tell you both QQC1 and QQC2 have their problems and both of them suck :(16:35
Venemo_XA2oh, and also, there is functionality in QQC1 which never got ported to 2 or just simply buggy in 216:36
Venemo_XA2that being said it should be relatively straightforward to make a sailfish QQC2 theme16:37
Venemo_XA2in this regard QQC1 is more painful IIRC16:38
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