Tuesday, 2019-08-13

dcalisteHello Chris, how are you ?07:05
chriadamdcaliste: Hi, well thanks07:09
chriadamhow are you?  I hope you had a great week07:09
dcalisteThanks for the review today, I'm replying to your remarks.07:09
chriadamthanks very much for your work!07:10
chriadambtw, in regards to the blog post, Jaymzz contacted me to say that there has been some delay07:11
chriadamI'm not entirely sure why07:11
chriadamand I don't know how long it's likely to be delayed for07:11
dcalisteToo bad, that !48 slipped in :( I'm migrating my own calendar from a radicale server that I was seldomly using too a webserver based on OpenXchange, I should be able to spot regression like that sooner (hopefully)…07:11
chriadamI will ask him to contact you directly to give you an update07:11
chriadamdcaliste: eh, these things happen.  my testing was clearly not extensive enough either.07:12
dcalisteFor the blog post, no problem, anyway everyone is on holidays at that period ;) Well, let say half, not accounting for the south hemisphere ones ;)07:12
chriadamindeed :-)07:12
chriadamwe have some tasks from internal business customers related to CalDAV invitation handling07:14
chriadamso I'm currently looking into that07:14
chriadamwhich is good, as it means that I can spend some time and effort testing your changes to ensure they don't conflict etc with that work.07:15
dcalisteOh, great. You may be interested in https://together.jolla.com/question/209964/thought-remarks-on-the-new-ui-31011/?answer=211213#post-id-21121307:16
dcalisteBut it's good news that you can allocate time for CalDAV again !07:17
chriadamyes, that sounds like a regression we'd like to fix as part of this effort for invitation handling, definitely07:17
chriadamthe "flickering" of the attendee list might be due to a synchronisation occuring in the background, perhaps..07:18
chriadambut the &quot issue is interesting07:18
dcalisteI concluded the same yesterday ;)07:18
dcalisteThe fact that flickering is happening at calendar launch is a lead: it is triggering sync at startup.07:19
chriadameek just noticed the carddav unicode sync issue which was mentioned in that one07:23
dcalisteAbout !49, as mentioned in my answer, I need to improve the RegExp a bit to catch the other escaping like Ă as you mentioned.07:23
chriadamadded a comment to that tjc so hopefully someone else might start to contribute - that'd be great07:23
chriadamdcaliste: no doubt there will be a thousand edge cases, might be tricky to catch them all..07:24
dcalisteAbout unnoticed TJC report, we should favor triaging so opening a proper bug report (even in TJC) from a user leaving a remark…07:30
dcalisteon the HTML escaping, I think, we're not too far from a safe routine. You're already tranforming problematic characters like '<' or '>' and then with a proper regexp, we should avoid transforming valid already escaped HTML ones.07:32
chriadamindeed.  our testers did create bug report internally JB#41389, but for some reason I wasn't cc'd to that one07:34
chriadamtrue, well I guess only testing in real world will tell us if there are edge cases we missed.  but I think you're right, I guess the HTML escape codes are all well-formed so the regex should easily catch those and avoid transforming ones which are already valid ones07:35
dcalisteI'm testing at the moment the new reg exp…07:38
chriadamregarding upsync vs downsync support, I wonder if it's worth supporting: two way sync, downsync only.  i.e. don't support "upsync only" semantic.07:41
chriadamwell, we can support all three in backend as you've done, but then only expose the first two in the accounts UI07:41
dcalisteI agree that I don't see any use of upsync only, but we never know… Adjusting the UI is a must though because currently it is exposing options that have no effect :/ Not that I was using any of them though !07:43
chriadamindeed :-(  our bad07:45
chriadamI will create an internal bug about that also so it doesn't get forgotten07:45
chriadamcreated JB#4691507:49
dcalisteAbout the parsing of data containing &nbsp; for instance, it's not working at the moment. I need more time for investigation. I'll push later today when I figure out what's wrong with other entities than the one already used in helper function…07:50
dcalisteOk for the bug id, I'll add it to the commit. Thanks.07:50
chriadamthank you07:50
dcalisteI wanted to mention also that next Tuesday is my son's birthday, I won't be able to attend our meeting.07:51
chriadamah, no worries - I hope he has a happy birthday07:52
chriadamhopefully I will make good progress on testing+merging+tagging your various caldav PRs this week07:52
chriadamalso I will poke Jaymzz to give you an update on ETA for the blog etc07:53
chriadamI had nothing else to discuss - was there anything else I forgot about which I need to follow up on?07:53
dcalisteNo, I think it's fine. Thank you for the meeting and have a nice evening.07:54
chriadamthank you very much for your time and effort07:54
chriadamhave a great couple of weeks07:54
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sailorAxeis there a way to kill the fingerterm process without rebooting when fingerterm refuses to open?19:14
kimmolissh in19:16
sailorAxe...so effectively no?19:19
kimmolirestart lipstick?19:20
sailorAxeHow do I do that withot external devices and without a working terminal software? :)19:30
kimmolisailfish utilities19:39
sailorAxe...actually, an app called Crest helped :)19:42

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