Friday, 2019-08-30

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MartiiniDoes Sailfishos work ok on Sony Xperia? Do apps work, like, skype, banking etc09:39
tadzikit works fine. Apps work, but I assume you mean android apps: and those vary, since sailfish is not android :)09:40
tadzikI don't use many myself, so I can't tell. Firefox and Steam work fine, I don't much care for others09:41
x2salso it's not the google appstore, some android apps aren't available, because there's no payment system09:41
r0kk3rzalso, which sony xperia are you looking at?09:44
r0kk3rzthe XA2?09:44
x2s.oO( uh, when is sfos out of beta for the XA2? And what about ?)09:53
r0kk3rzbeta forever!09:54
jpichit is out of beta09:56
ViGex2s: the beta status was removed from xa2 in seitseminen09:56
x2sLater this year I might have to burn some business money, new smartphone \o/10:00
r0kk3rzdid they actually fix anything?10:05
x2sI really don't care, I just want to get away from the modem lockup bug of the Xperia X10:06
r0kk3rzid check the xa2 bug list first10:16
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x2sr0kk3rz: how long is it?11:00
MartiiniDoes Sailfishos work?, i.e., calling, skype, banking,.. youtube, installing rpm, update etc.. I tried it once, it worked ok as operating system, but had bugs, I couldn't install packages and android apps and default apps were buggy11:53
MartiiniI've googled for install image, but it's too much trouble11:55
r0kk3rzwhat device do you have?11:55
Martiiniis there new sailfishos image for sony f5321, I can test?11:55
r0kk3rzx compact? yeah theres images for that11:56
MartiiniI have Sailfishos 2.0.1 image on my laptop, I tested it, didn't work fully as I expected11:57
r0kk3rzthen maybe you need to adjust your expectations11:59
Martiiniit would be nice to have, Phone linux operating system with full command line, package manager, android app compatibility11:59
ninewisefrom what you asked, calling and youtube will definitely work11:59
r0kk3rzcommunity images dont have the android app runtime11:59
ninewiseskype I haven't tested11:59
ninewisebanking depends on the security of the banking app12:00
r0kk3rzfull command line is of course standard12:00
Martiiniok, so, if I buy paid image, that will work as expected..?12:00
r0kk3rzwithout dalvik those two things are moot anyway12:00
r0kk3rzwith dalvik... yeah also maybe not12:01
Martiinithere were some Dalvik packages12:01
r0kk3rzthe 4.4 runtime is quite old12:01
Martiiniok, I stick to Android, There's no development12:02
MartiiniSymbian os was best, until Microsoft sent Nokia into bankrupt12:04
r0kk3rzlong dead history12:05
MartiiniI will get Ubuntu phone, one day12:06
MartiiniNokia's fault12:06
r0kk3rzi thought you wanted something that worked?12:07
MartiiniGoogle owner Sergey Brin is russian hacker himself, he doesn't care, they expect development12:09
r0kk3rzRussia is a significant sponsor of sailfishoa12:10
x2sI thought the runtime was updated at least for the XA2?12:33
malxa2 has android 8.1 based alien12:34
ol<Martiini "Google owner Sergey Brin is russ"> He is Russian as much as Obama is Kenian.14:01
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rinigusI am getting some weird errors at OBS.18:57
riniguswho should I ping?18:57

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