Friday, 2019-09-06

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KabouikHas anyone here managed to get USB-OTG working with a X or X Compact running Sailfish X?07:49
KabouikBoth devices are supposed to support it, and I read on TJC that Sailfish X supports it too, but nothing happens when I plug USB devices on my X Compact. Even the LED of the USB device stays off.07:50
KabouikI have installed usbstick-utils from Openrepos, even though it seems to be supported by stock SailfishOS now.07:50
r0kk3rzi had it working on my sony tablet at least10:09
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trbhlzHi, is it possible to change/fake the imei with sailfish os?11:46
r0kk3rzprobably, not sure how12:00
trbhlzbackground: i am working in several african countries and have to change my phone very often for security reasons. now i don't want to throw away so many mobile phone anymore. if it's posible with jailfish to change it, i will convice my company to use sailfish for all employes in future. in afrca it's legal to change the imei, as i know12:02
x2sI'd say it's not possible, because the imei is probably stored in the modem and not accessible for writing from the device.13:11
tadzikfaking is probably doable, if you can plug into the abstraction layer that provides it to the OS13:12
tadzikapps aren't actually talking to the modem directly13:12
trbhlzi had an android device several years ago with a custom rom and it was possibly to change it permanantly just through the  menu. very easy with a buttom vor random imei or you could type in a specific one13:25
trbhlzi can also find several manuals to change it for android, but most of them are old and none of them work on my current phone13:27
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r0kk3rzwhich device were you thinking of getting?13:35
trbhlzdoesn't matter. if its possibly i would try to get here an experia xa2 and test it, report it to my company and they decide if and which device we will get in future. if everything works fine im pretty shure they will do it, because it would be much easier, cheaper and better for the envirenment13:47
r0kk3rzbut also tough from a functionality perspective13:58
trbhlzin what way tough?14:05
r0kk3rzhave you used sailfish before?14:07
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trbhlznope. tough to install or tough to use?14:28
tadzikneither really, but quite lacking compared to other mobile platforms15:42
r0kk3rzif you could alter the imei on xa2 with sfos, you could also probably find a way with android15:42
r0kk3rzbut its certainly not a stock sfos feature15:43
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trbhlzok, thank you so far :)18:36
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