Tuesday, 2019-09-10

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dcalisteHello chriadam, how are you ? I've seen you've accepted the calendar discovery, great !07:03
chriadamhi dcaliste07:03
chriadamindeed, sorry for delay ;-)07:03
chriadamI'm well thanks, I hope you had a good week!07:04
dcalisteNo problem, it's fine it's in.07:05
dcalisteWhat about the last modified patch for mkcal ?07:11
dcalisteI've reworked it to use the solution proposed by pvuorela, to set the last modified date in case it is not set already.07:12
dcalisteIt's https://git.sailfishos.org/mer-core/mkcal/merge_requests/2507:12
dcalistechriadam ^ ;)07:15
chriadamam in another meeting, trying to split my attention07:16
chriadamyep, I haven't double checked that one since you made the change07:16
dcalisteAh, we can postpone this one if it's not convenient, to later this week or next week, as you prefer.07:16
chriadambut I have no concerns with that one07:16
chriadamum, if we could postpone 30 mins from now, that would suit me?  if that's ok?07:17
dcalisteYes, no problem, ping me when you're ready.07:17
chriadamthanks for you patience and understanding!07:18
chriadamwill do07:18
sledgesnew strings ahoy! https://together.jolla.com/question/213271/official-announcement-l10n-strings-for-320/07:32
chriadamdcaliste: sorry meeting is still going :-(07:54
dcalisteNo problem, ping me when you're ready. If it's too late for you then, we can setup another day, or next week.07:55
chriadamdcaliste: finished08:36
chriadamhope this isn't running too late for you now08:36
dcalisteNo it's fine.08:37
chriadamregarding mkcal PR25 I will ping flypig and pvuorela to see if they have any concerns08:37
chriadamotherwise I will merge that one asap08:38
dcalisteOk, nice, I'll then begin tests in caldav plugin to see how is it going to remove the download of possible changes and comparison.08:38
dcalisteIt should save a lot of lines and possible issue cases if working.08:39
chriadamyou rebased one of the caldav PRs08:40
chriadambut I merged your calendars PR after your rebase, so it might need another rebase, not sure08:41
dcalisteYes, the one reworking the notebooksyncagent code. I'll check if it needs anotehr rebase.08:41
dcalisteOk, no rebase is working fine. I'm pushing rebased version now.08:43
dcalisteI've created a small plugin to sync public online calendars like school holidays: https://together.jolla.com/question/651/support-for-icalvcal-calendars/?answer=213235#post-id-21323508:44
chriadamcool.  I will ask jpetrell whether bree has some availability to do some more systematic testing of that one this week, since it's related to a customer case (nextcloud caldav support)08:44
chriadam^ that one = the notebook sync agent one08:45
dcalisteAnd https://git.sailfishos.org/dcaliste/buteo-sync-plugin-webcal08:45
dcalisteYes, messages mixup but yes, got it for the notebooksyncagent case.08:45
chriadamdcaliste: fantastic, thanks for that - I wonder about UI side (e.g. should that be exposed from Calendar app or from Settings app or...)08:46
dcalisteGood point, I'm thinking about since yesterday. The main point is that it's not related to an account (it's for public data).08:47
dcalisteSo, I guess it can fit in the calendar app itself in the manage calendars page from pulley.08:47
chriadamso maybe Calendar app -> manage calendars -> new calendar (from URL) with notice "this will be a read-only calendar" or something.  hrm, wonder: when woudl it be synced?08:48
dcalisteThere, I can modify a bit the model to expose which calendar is local but linked to a subscription and allow a menu item with manage URL, sync schedule and remove.08:48
dcalisteYes, with a new calendar pulley in the manage page to setup sync schedule and URL and label and color.08:49
dcalisteIt will generate a profile file as described in the the TJC answer.08:49
chriadamsuggest ical-subscriptions rather than just subscriptions but yep looks great08:50
chriadamobviously for design related questions, I have no idea - martin or joona would be best to talk to (or show proto to)08:51
dcalisteYes, I'll create a proto for this and ask them.08:51
chriadamthank you very much08:52
dcalisteAbout the sync schedule, it's a buteo plugin, so the sync is done automatically according to schedule.08:53
chriadamindeed.  settings for that somehow exposed via the manage calendars view, or?08:53
dcalisteYes, I think so, at creation in the new calendar from URL pulley, and later on on a modify menu item.08:54
dcalisteInternally, sync is using etag if available, so data are not scratched and recreated if etag does not change. If etag is not provided by server, data are rescratched at each sync (every day by default).08:55
chriadammakes sense08:56
chriadamdid you have anything else?  action points for me: merge mkcal#25 unless flypig/pvuorela have concerns; ask bree + flypig + myself to test caldav#4508:59
dcalisteWhat about the caldav plugin MR about directions ?08:59
chriadamdirections.. let me check again08:59
dcaliste(if you still have time)08:59
chriadamah yes we absolutely should get that in if possible... bad that we expose something in UI then don't observe that08:59
chriadambut I haven't really tested it at all yet08:59
chriadamI think this is an important one.  I will ask jpetrell if bree can test this one also.09:01
dcalisteOk, thanks.09:01
chriadamthank you09:01
chriadamaside from that - I still haven't heard anything more from Jaymzz about the blog09:02
dcalisteFrom my side, I'll try to make the email folder subscription going on (need to propose some other UI impl to pvuorela).09:02
chriadamhopefully that is ... progressing somehow09:02
chriadamah cool, thanks09:02
chriadampvuorela is back from vacation now, thankfully09:02
dcalisteYep, I'm missing some emails sometimes because I'm filtering emails on server side and putting them in various folders.09:03
chriadamsame for me.  and I get so many that sometimes I read them and forget to take action, then forget that I've read them :-(09:03
dcalisteAnd I need to enter these folders manually to sync them, there is no automatic notifications on email arrival.09:03
chriadamselecting the folders to manually sync to device will make it much better.09:04
dcalisteYep, proposal is functional but not very eye pleasant in UI account setting.09:05
dcalisteParticularly when there are plenty of sub folders. I need to put the list in a sub-page maybe.09:05
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chriadamI look forward to seeing the next proto too, although I'll leave review/discussion to jpetrell and pvuorela there :-)09:10
dcalisteYep, not sure I'll have time for it during this week though… But definitely, it's something that should be finalise as soon as possible. It would be convenient for many people. And fix a weak point of the mail client.09:13
chriadamas always, your hard work and proactiveness is greatly appreciated!09:18
chriadamanything else to discuss tonight?  if not, I will head home.  will ask bree and jpetrell regarding the systematic testing of those PRs, tomorrow.  and I will merge the mkcal one by the end of the week.09:18
dcalisteNo problem, it's fun. And I didn't completely loose the hope that contribution to OSS parts will help to open source some currently close ones…09:19
dcalisteSure, nothing more, thank you Chris for the meeting. Everything is possible also because you imply yourself much. Thanks.09:19
chriadamI think it will.  I continue to push for opensourcing more internally, as do others of the dev team, although I haven't yet seen results from board level about that at this point :-(09:20
chriadamanyway, thanks again and have a great week!09:20
rubdosSomeone ever tried making an openhab app for sfos?13:37

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