Sunday, 2019-09-15

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attahcoderus: okidok, do you happen to have any ideas on this input-related problem?
coderusattah: install and use android keyboard instead of native one17:55
attahthanks, will check that out17:56
attahit's not listed as an 8.1 feature, but it is doable?17:57
coderusattah: 8.1 have aosp settings application, so do anything you like here18:03
attahyeah, found it... not showing my keyboard i installed from f-droid tho... will try and reboot the runtime18:04
attahcoderus: thanks, worked like a charm one i got my head around the settings18:11
attahyou are a true community hero18:11
coderusattah: keep it simple :)18:41

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