Wednesday, 2019-09-18

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abransonrinigus: afaik there's no ABI problem so far as jumping to 8 has skipped the intermediary versions that broke compatibility. is there something specific to be looking out for?13:49
rinigusabranson: no, not really. I was assuming that abi maybe changed with major releases, but never checked it specifically.17:37
topro_hi there. former n900/n9 lover, so over android. Looking desperately for my way back out ;) Is there a comprehensive list of current/upcomig devices with official/sailfish-x/community support, somewhere? Btw. is this the right place to ask?17:43
topro_raa700: found that one before. doesn't look too promising TBH17:47
topro_or maybe I just don't get it17:47
topro_another question: are android apps working on community ports or is this only available on official and/or sailfish-x installations?18:28
tadzikonly on official ports18:32
topro_any official ports (i.e. sailfish-x) pending/confirmed? I'd go for a XA2 but its hardly available anymore and lacks some hardware features of modern devices18:44
maltopro_: xperia 10 and 10 plus are next with sailfish x19:14
topro_mal: is there something like a (vague?) timeline communicated?19:18
maltopro_: I think no official time has been given but last community meeting there was the status page given (it might not be exactly up to date)
topro_mal: interresting read. anyway, seems i gotta get myself a xa2 or wait (quite) a bit longer19:39
topro_with having close-to-no cell coverage at home, one of most important features for me would be WiFi-calling (VoWiFi). May I expect that to be working with Sailfish-X on either XA2 or Xperia 10 with german carriers (i.e. Deutsche Telekom)?19:42
maltopro_: what is wifi-calling?19:47
malI think sailfish might not support that, never heard of that before so probably not19:48
abransonrinigus: ok cool, thought it best to ask you as I saw you'd done a lot with gcc. I think it was gcc5 that broke abi, but they fixed it for 6.19:59
rinigusabranson : I wouldn't say that I have done a lot. Just learned, mainly via this channel, about abis and compiled a version of gcc that was needed for mapbox. Now, while mapbox can be compiled with 4.9, new router library version (Valhalla) requires newer gcc. So, I still need gcc refresh. Do you know whether gcc 6 abi is the same as gcc4?20:07
abransonrinigus: i've heard that things compiled with gcc8 will run on a current gcc4.9 platform, which sounds encouraging20:08
rinigusAlso, I suspect stdlib versions could cause some problems. Not sure whether you can mix the one of gcc4 and gcc8? With current gcc6, I have to bundle stdc++ lib or link it statically20:08
rinigusabranson : that sounds very encouraging!20:09
abransondoesn't it just. exciting times.20:13
topro_mal: wifi-calling is a carrier service that enables you to do normal "cell" calls through your wifi ip connection instead of using cell. this makes using your phone at home much more convenient if you've got a bad cell coverage there20:18
topro_now that call are voip anyway, technically its just a matter ip routing20:18
rinigusabranson: with gcc6, static linking is as at (i.e. ugly) and I have to start app without booster (see desktop in the same branch). Otherwise it was crashing. So, question is then whether the tested were with c++ that used stdc++ libs. I can also try with current gcc8 maybe if it gets packaged at obs...20:19
topro_mal: its similar to VoLTE (Voice-over-LTE) if you heared about that one before20:20
abransonrinigus: i'll try to get it built on obs when it's ready20:48
rinigusabranson: thanks!20:51

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