Sunday, 2019-09-29

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juhajInteresting, update broke: camera, home screen folders, meecast locations, volume buttons, and alien_resource_mgr continually takes 100% cpu..13:36
maljuhaj: which device?13:41
juhajOh, and mediaplayer no longer pauses or stops music (the bar stops updating and icon turns into "pause" but music keeps playing)14:27
juhajmal: Jolla C14:27
juhajThere was a glitch during version --dup: /home became full but afaik there's nothing e.g. camera-related on /home. meecast and home screen problems could be caused by that (and they are easy to fix anyway, so I'm not worried about those)14:28
maljuhaj: did the version --dup stop when that happened? maybe it didn't update everything correctly15:02
juhajYes it did, but I reran it successfully afterwards15:10
maland things still fail?15:10
malthen you need to provide logs, output of these commands: dmesg, journalctl -b and /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat15:11
juhajEven after a reboot and zypper install --force every package which showed up with rpm -V15:11
juhajJournals from when..? journalctl won't have the version --dup logs anymore and obviously dmesg will only show stuff since last reboot15:11
maldoesn't matter15:12
malwe need to see what is currently broken15:12
malif you didn't keep the logs from the failed update15:13
juhajI'm running for x in $(rpm -qa); do if ! rpm -V $x &> /dev/null ; then echo $x; fi; done to find what packages are still broken... is that a useful spell to cast?15:34
juhaj(I just reinstalled *every* package)15:34
juhajcuriously that command output is a) non-empty and b) different from before reinstalls...15:35
juhajlogcat is not happy: "__bionic_open_tzdata_path: ANDROID_ROOT not set!"15:44
juhajCould I just do version --dup again with the same version, ensuring everything gets reinstalled and reconfigured that way?15:45
juhajIs /usr/libexec/droid-hybris/system/bin/logcat supposed to ever finish? It's been running for 10 minutes now..15:54
juhajIt's output 6713 lines of data and is not outputting any more...15:55
juhajOh, correction, it is15:55
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rinigusjuhai: you may have to stop it yourself by Ctrl-C15:58
juhajOk, so dmesg:
juhajjournalctl -b:
juhajSorry for taking a while with those, I was AFK for a while16:44
juhajAmongst things that do not look right to me are: user@0.service                     loaded failed     failed    User Manager for UID 016:52
juhajThis probably explains camera:16:59
juhaj[    1.132277] WARNING: at /home/abuild/rpmbuild/BUILD/kernel/include/linux/of.h:555 msm_camera_get_dt_vreg_data+0x178/0x498()16:59
juhajand then a stacktrace16:59
juhajBut it does not explain why such a stacktrace all of a sudden16:59
juhajI also get a backtrace from /home/abuild/rpmbuild/BUILD/kernel/kernel/irq/manage.c:52517:07
juhajOk, one more round of reinstalling everything sorted out the camera and volume buttons17:17
juhajThe only packages it reinstalled were droid-config-l500d-policy-settings, geoclue-provider-here, qtscenegraph-adaptation, and jolla-handwriting - which one of these is *camera* related???17:19
maljuhaj: what is still broken?17:40
juhajLooks like it isn't. Even mediaplayer can now stop and pause normally18:06
juhajand alien_resource_mgr behaves itself18:06
juhajThe remaining issues are the homescreen icons and meecast locations but those don't come from rpms anyway, so probably irreparable casualties of running out of space on /home18:07
malhmm, wondering if there is some way to fix that18:09
juhajA copy of /home taken a few hours before the upgrade? :)18:10
malwell that helps if you have it18:11
juhajI do18:11
juhajI always do that prior to upgrade after I had to factory reset after an upgrade some year or two ago18:11
juhajThat time I backed up from rescue mode, but that was painful18:12

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