Saturday, 2019-10-05

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LjochtHi, somebody know about official support on pinephone? Or again custom?15:18
GreatEmeraldWhat determines whether a keyboard layout will remember the input and suggest it again next time with predictive typing or not?17:41
GreatEmeraldI added two custom keyboard layouts, and in both cases words are not remembered, but for the built-in English keyboard it is remembered17:42
GreatEmeraldAh, I guess it's handler=Xt9InputHandler.qml17:52
GreatEmeraldBut that doesn't seem to do much18:28
GreatEmeraldWhere is the user database stored?18:28
GreatEmeraldAh, ~/.local/share/xt9/19:01
GreatEmeraldLooks like it's just one file, rather than per-language19:01
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