Saturday, 2019-10-12

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lbtPSA: ( is down for upgrades07:21
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bionade24lbt: I want to change my merproject username to my git username. Is this possible?15:42
lbtmmm - we're moving away from merproject usenames to the jolla ones (ie t.j.c)15:43
lbtso eventually you will just use that15:43
bionade24lbt: Ok, this is just really enerving when a wrong username is standing in my commits because you want them on github(or elsewhere), too.  If I ever contribute to the core packages, then  of course, it's easy to set a local git config.15:47
bionade24I wasn't aware of this when I registered at Jolla.15:47
JettisI removed my nextcloud caldav account 3 months ago and now I added it back and sync removed all calendar events in that time from the phone. Is there a way to get them back?16:23
lbtbionade24: it's never easy to predict how things will evolve :)16:28

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