Monday, 2019-10-14

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dcalisteHello chriadam, just a word to say that tomorrow, I cannot be at the meeting at 7amUTC. It's possible for me from 8am UTC, but it may be too late for you ?07:02
chriadamhi dcaliste no worries.  probably too late for me unfortunately (although if there is something high priority to discuss, I can stay back a bit later to accommodate)07:03
dcalisteNo, I think it's allright, nothing in a hurry.07:04
chriadamok, let's postpone until next week then if that's ok07:04
chriadamthanks for letting me know :-)07:05
chriadamI hope you have a good week!07:05
dcalisteIn fact the week after I'll be on holydays from the 22nd to the 25th. But the week yet after, it's fine ;)07:06
chriadamok, no worries.  can discuss via PRs etc if needed07:07
chriadamotherwise, have a great vacation!07:07
dcalisteExactly, have a nice week too.07:07
chriadamthanks :-)07:08
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marting24hi, I was wondering on if there was a published roadmap for Jolla uptake of Sailfish?10:43
marting24Info: I have a SailfishX device and am finding some issues between worklife and homelife and wondered how I might progress them10:44
marting24Otherwise, I will have to revert to LineageOS and I'm trying not to10:45
r0kk3rzno roadmap10:49
r0kk3rzwhich issues are troubling you?10:49
r0kk3rzand which device?10:49
marting24I have a Voyager device and am finding I need to defer to the Android runtime more and more10:52
marting24I am finding I need to restart the network and the apps via the Sailfish utilities quite often and I am unsure of how native Sailfish/Jolla might be filling the gap10:52
marting24It seems from your comment, that we need to take it month by month10:53
r0kk3rzyeah its fairly common that you need to lean on android compat fairly heavily if you're coming from that world10:54
r0kk3rzjolla doesnt publish a roadmap, so we dont know what is in an update or when it will come10:55
r0kk3rzvoyager is xa2?10:55
marting24yep, that's the one, the Plus one11:01
marting24which may or may not be unfortunate as it is not so popular11:02
marting24*More info: I was trying to ween off Google, and support diversity in the mobile OS, that is what brought me to Jolla and Sailfish11:04
marting24thanks for your thoughts r0kk3rz, might continue with an unofficial LineageOS build while I lurk here11:10
r0kk3rzwhat do you use android support for?11:12
r0kk3rzthere may be alternatives11:13
marting24I need 2FA on email - private not corporate - via Yubi keys especially11:18
r0kk3rzwhich provider?11:19
marting24tutanota and gmail11:21
r0kk3rzyeah generally sailfish isnt great if you need an app for a specific service11:25
r0kk3rzbecause of course the service provider doesnt give you one11:25
tadziknot sure what either of them is using, but SailOTP has generally been good enough for me for 2FA stuff11:25
tadzikas far as TOTP is concerned it should be good enough11:26
marting24looking up SailOTP now, thanks for the tip tadzik11:27
tadzikno idea about yubikeys, but from the sound of it they shouldn't require an app to work :)11:27
marting24and yes, r0kk3rz, I am starved with choice11:27
r0kk3rzif it can work with linux, it can maybe be made to work with sailfish11:27
r0kk3rzbut often some assembly is required11:28
ElleoI haven't played with any of the newer yubikeys, but the classic ones always just presented themselves as a USB keyboard, I'd imagine current ones do the same11:29
Elleoso should work without any real hassle11:29
marting24SailOTP may do the trick, will wander down that path11:29
r0kk3rzmarting24: if you have other needs, do mention them, as you can see people can help11:30
marting24thank you11:30
tadzikthere's a certain amount of Tribal Knowledge, where things may seem like nothing is available and nothing works as expected, but some random person on IRC or elsewhere may know just what you need ;)11:30
marting24And thank you to the community, that is part of why I am trying to stay11:31
marting24thank you tadzik, good advice11:34
marting24I will work more on the assembly, it if works, then check back in11:43
tadzikgood luck!11:47
frojndHi there.14:01
frojndAnyone successfully installed microG on XA2 plus and google cloud messages are working correctly?14:02
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LouisDKI have a Jolla Table which refused to boot after upgrading from 3.0.8 to I tried entering recovery mode as advised but I'm to telnet to the IP-address nor can I see the device whilw running "lusb" om my computer.16:20

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