Friday, 2019-10-25

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Krikkeso when is next update coming out?06:52
Krikkewhen will you fix XA2?06:52
Krikkethis is not even beta quality software ffs06:52
Krikkeand the communication was better in the old soviet union06:53
Krikkeno news since July06:53
Krikkecome on, what is this bs?06:53
koposo what is the problem with your XA2? :)07:03
Krikkebattery usage over night is over 20%07:08
Krikkethis is not production level code07:09
Krikkeeven posted it on tjc but they don't seem to care07:09
Krikkethe biggest pain point is they just don't give out any information about anything07:10
Krikkeor then I'm not in the correct channels07:10
kopo20% would make sense if you have lots of things working in the backgound while connected to WLAN/mobile data07:17
Krikkethis is with everything off: mobile internet, android support, locationing etc07:20
Krikkewifi is off07:21
Krikkeflight mode is only one that helps07:21
Krikkebut even that is bugged07:21
Krikkek, so instead of saying nothing you could have just said, check twitter07:24
Krikkewtf is wrong with people07:24
Mister_Magisteri mean in latest update jolla break something cause battery usage is hella lot higher my phone instead of lasting 2 weeks lasts 2 days07:28
Mister_Magisternot speaking about xa2. about sfos in general07:28
Krikkeseems there's a lot of interactions on twitter07:34
Krikkeshame it's a bs some07:35
Krikke3.2 or riot08:54
malMister_Magister: have you checked if something uses cpu, or if log tells what is preventing it from suspending10:01
malKrikke: I haven't seen that much battery consumption on xa210:01
Mister_Magistermal: ofcourse i did nothing does10:03
Mister_Magisteroh right i can now complain to mal about official ports i forgot10:03
Mister_Magistermal: it's hard to tell since i can't really get processes running when phone is in sleep10:08
Mister_Magistermal: but on screen it's normal like 2% voicecall-ui 2% mpdecision 2%systemd-journal 2% systemd-eventd 2% connmand sometimes10:11
malMister_Magister: I meant that is there is always something that uses cpu, check dmesg or journal for suspend info or use mcetool --get-suspend-stats10:15
Mister_Magistermal: ofcourse i know what you mean and i mean i can't see anything like that that was my first check10:18
Mister_Magistersuspend_time is like 47k and uptime is 62k10:18
malMister_Magister: could you check top after reboot (usb terminal via ssh or telnet not ui)10:26
Mister_Magisternot today sorry but i will10:38
lachs0rseeing increased battery drain on xperia x as well, but not on jolla 110:40
mallachs0r: does it only happen in latest sfos version? can you also check with "top" if something is using cpu10:56
lachs0rtop shows lipstick, dbus-daemon and connman using about 3-6% each10:59
Mister_Magistermal: it might have something to do with connman11:00
Mister_Magisterlachs0r: your phone is single or dual sim11:00
lachs0r(also fpslave should be looked into — it eats a lot of cpu power, and makes the fingerprint wakeup mode essentially unusable due to the battery drain)11:01
lachs0re.g. holding the finger on the fp reader without waking up the phone will make it constantly use 90% cpu11:01
malhmm, interesting11:07
spiiroinlachs0r, mal: IIRC that happens within android hal blob. spams logcat too (or used to, there was some logging cleanup at some point)11:08
lachs0roh yeah I think I’ve been told that on tjc some time ago11:12
lachs0rthat is just frustrating11:13
lachs0rtbh I’d probably still be using the jolla 1 if a) its gsm frequency bands were more travel-friendly and b) qualcomm’s garbage drivers didn’t make e.g. pure maps completely unusable11:15
mallachs0r: what is the problem with pure maps?11:18
spiiroinlachs0r: also note that even though it uses cpu cyles, it does not keep device from suspending -> somewhat limits power drain impact11:22
lachs0rmal: last time I tried the street labels would crash the app/driver or distort horribly when they went partially off-screen11:22
lachs0roh there’s also an issue with channel names that are too long to fit the side widgets in communi-sailfish. sometimes when the app has been running for a while, the channel entry shows up as a black rectangle and touching that crashes the app11:24
lachs0rthis happens on both jolla and xperia x fwiw11:24
maloh, that need to be checked, not sure if it's an app bug or something else11:25
lachs0rit’s a very old issue actually, I think it even predates sfos 211:26
malto me that sounds like an app bug but if course cannot be sure11:27
mal*of course11:27
lachs0rit seems to be affected by the size of the channel logs, too11:28
lachs0rblack rectangle sounds like something an opengl driver might do in OOM situations, so idk11:28
malneed to try to reproduce those11:29
lachs0rsomething else: I’ve used simple NAT forwarding over USB to share a wifi connection with a PC and it’s randomly crashing the kernel11:30
lachs0ron xperia x11:30
malhave you checked /proc/last_kmsg for kernel crash logs?11:30
lachs0rno, unfortunately11:31
lachs0rrunning rsync on the attached pc seems to be the most reliable way to trigger that fwiw11:31
malor under /sys/fs/pstore/ depending on which one the kernel uses11:31
malmaybe if you see that next time check for kernel crash logs11:31
malhave you reported that anywhere? difficult to fix things if we don't know about those11:32
lachs0rno, I always just dump this stuff on IRC ;P11:32
lachs0ralso it only happened very recently11:33
lachs0rit was not an issue with older sailfish versions I think11:33
lachs0rhard to tell though as I haven’t done that very often11:33
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insep[m]1hey, it is possible to fetch kernels from gitlab instead of github?15:29
malwhich kernel do you mean?15:35
insep[m]1i mean android kernel, i'm porting sailfish on new deivce15:37
insep[m]1not sure if that is an info that you need15:39
malyou can put any git repo you want to your manifest, just add suitable remote to the manifest xml15:39
insep[m]1so instead of `remote="repoowner/kernel"` i need to put `remote="git://"`?15:41
insep[m]1oh sorry15:41
insep[m]1i thought about name15:41
insep[m]1so i need to set remote to git://
malthat also but you need to first define the remote name, check the beginning of manifest how those are defined15:42
insep[m]1sorry if i say stupid things, never had that much experience with android build system15:42
malfor example
malthat defines a remote named "sony" which points to ""15:42
malso you define something similar but with different url and name15:43
insep[m]1ok thanks15:43
insep[m]1and fetch can't be used in project itself?15:43
malthen when you want to use that for some repo you set remote="some_name"15:43
malyou need to use remotes afaik15:43
insep[m]1well, i already tested, but maybe i did it wrong :D15:44
malbtw, #sailfishos-porters is more correct IRC channel for sailfish porting to new devices15:44
insep[m]1oh thanks15:45
insep[m]1i heard of channel just about porting, but i forgot how it is called :D15:46
Thaodanis searching in sailfishos buildservice broken?16:48
mallooks like it is16:53
Thaodanalso I get error 400 when trying to run   osc  buildlog17:00
malsfos OBS is quite broken in many ways currently17:02
Thaodando you know why?17:02
malI think it's a sum of many things17:03
Thaodanupdates broke stuff for example?17:05
Thaodanknowing why pkgs are broken would be great17:05
malmore like lack of updates17:08
rodrigo54help me?17:17
tadzikwith what? :)17:20
rodrigo54with mb2 to compile17:21
rodrigo54error with me in ./configure17:21
rodrigo54no file exist17:21
Nico[m]The no file exist is probably not your first error17:23
rodrigosolarithis error17:23
rodrigosolari ./configure: No such file or directory17:24
malwhen doing what?17:24
malwhich package are you trying to build and so on17:24
rodrigosolaria generic one, to try to start building17:25
malbut does that package have that in the sources?17:28
malyou need to show the spec file you use17:30
malrodrigosolari: what exactly are you trying to do with that package? I mean such things usually go to device config repo17:33
malwhat is in that ofono.service you want to use?17:35
rodrigosolarimodify the ofono.service, because it was necessary to set systemctr restart ofono.service, so that a signal appeared, every time it was turned on, I set an ExecStartPre = / bin / sleep 20, to delay the start of the service so that the others can load services and so get signal17:36
rodrigosolarithis ExecStartPre=/bin/sleep 2017:37
rodrigosolaribecause the phone not obtaing signal after reboot17:38
malrodrigosolari: have you contacted the maintainer of that device Mister_Magister? also there is a better way to do that17:38
ThaodanIf you want to edit a service its better to uses service.d still17:39
malThaodan: that or putting it to /etc17:39
rodrigosolariYes, but I have no answer, I would rather be able to build that repo, to learn17:39
malrodrigosolari: well that way is completely wrong way to do it17:40
rodrigosolari@mal yes17:40
rodrigosolari@mal how would it be?17:40
malfirst thing is that the change should be adaptation config repo17:42
rodrigosolariI understand you, but I would like to build a rpm, what is my mistake?17:44
malthat kind of package would never need a configure file, nor would it need any makefile17:44
malthe package source would only need the ofono.service file and the spec, nothing else17:45
malbut that is pointless discussion as the whole idea of doing it like that make very little sense17:46
rodrigosolariOf course, I understand you, why it is more feasible from the model repository, but I would like to know what should change in the spec?17:49
rodrigosolarifor example i need compile this
rodrigosolarithis error /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.hu6uCC: line 44: ./Configure: Permission denied17:51
malrodrigosolari: I mean if that is done in the device config repository then it's just a matter of copying the file to correct place in the repo and nothing else is needed17:51
rodrigosolariBut can I create a spec that simply copy that service?17:52
malyou only have the install part in the %install section, of course you also need Source entry for the .service file and so on17:53
rodrigosolarithe configure could you modify it, to see what my mistake is, please, I go days and I don't find information to solve it17:56
rodrigosolarionly need copy my fork of ofono.service to rute17:57
malrodrigosolari: why didn't you ask earlier if you ended up spending a lot time figuring out that issue?17:58
malrodrigosolari: which sailfish version do you have on that device?17:59
rodrigosolaribecause I like to learn alone, and I don't want to bother people in such a trivial matter, but for me it's something new :(, and I'm learning, but I really feel that I bother a lot of people with silly questions18:00
malrodrigosolari: you should not put the file to /lib/systemd/system/, but instead to /etc/systemd/system/18:01
malin any case we should wait until Mister_Magister sees this and fixes that properly in the config repo18:01
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rodrigosolaribut I get error in ./configure18:02
malrodrigosolari: I already said earlier that configure is NOT needed18:03
malalso NO need to have "make" there18:03
malyou can skip the whole %build part18:03
rodrigosolarithis is the log18:05
malDO NOT USE ./configure18:06
malhow many times do I have to say the same thing?18:06
rodrigosolarithanks! i erase %build section, because not need build this packed18:07
rodrigosolarimal, thanks I already understood you, when you put build in the spec, you are going to look for a configure, it is that I did not understand you, because configure was commented with a #, and I thought that the comment was already enough, but I ended up deleting it :) thanks18:09
rodrigosolarimal i have one last question18:15
rodrigosolariUploaded file:
rodrigosolariwhat is the path of the directoriestest> rpm> test.specand where would the files or source go?18:17
rodrigosolariwhat is the path of the directories??test> rpm> test.specand where would the files or source go?18:17
rodrigosolari~/folder/test/src/files?? or  ~/folder/test/rpm/src/files??18:18
malI don't understand the problem, you can have both the spec and service files directly in the source folder if that package18:26
Mister_Magistermal: lol i don'y remember him contacting me18:58
Mister_Magisterwhich device?18:58
Mister_Magisteralso mal i'm getting memory protection violation when browser is about to show website18:58
Mister_Magisterwrong channel lmao18:59
malMister_Magister: it seems titan, some issue that ofono needs delay to work reliably19:10
Mister_Magisterwell yes but actually no19:11
malthen what is the issue if not that?19:11
Mister_Magisteryou see i know at least 3 titans and none have that problem so it's device specific19:11
Mister_Magisterthe thing is there is no issue19:11
Mister_Magisteralso about titan… well thea the problem is above19:12
Mister_Magistermom can't use browser ;-;19:12
rodrigosolariI have 2 titans and I have the same device, the imei does not appear, there is a solution in XDA that is to stop the service and start it again. absent-minded is the device of latin america xt106319:15
Mister_Magisteri mean i could add delay but…19:16
Mister_Magistermal: ping or i it too late for today?19:22
malMister_Magister: ?19:24
Mister_Magister[20:58] <Mister_Magister> also mal i'm getting memory protection violation when browser is about to show website19:28
malshow exact message and preferrably also surrounding messages in log19:32
malalso strace might me helpful19:33
malor gdb19:33
Mister_Magistermal: sec i need to change language to english19:34
Mister_Magistermal: fixed it19:46
Mister_Magisteri changed langueage to english and it started working19:46
Mister_Magisterdon't ask i don't understand it either19:46
rodrigosolarimal thanks20:06
rodrigosolariinstall: accessing `/home/nemo/Downloads/': Permission denied is new error20:06
rodrigosolariinstall -m 0777 ofono.service /home/nemo/Downloads/20:07
malwhat? that makes no sense, why would you add it to that folder?20:07
rodrigosolariJust to try20:08
rodrigosolariwhy permission denied?20:09
rodrigosolaria /lib/systemd/system/ofono.service': Read-only file system20:11
rodrigosolariWhy don't you access / home / nemo / Downloads?20:12
maldidn't read at all what I said earlier20:12
rodrigosolarisolamente estoy creando un repositorio cualquiera, pero me sale error al copiar a /home/nemo/Downloads,20:14
rodrigosolariI'm just creating any repository, but I get an error copying to / home / nemo / Downloads,20:15
rodrigosolari#install -m 0777 ofono.service /etc/systemd/system/ : Read-only file system20:16
malthat is not the way install is used20:16
rodrigosolariwhy don't you run in sudo20:17
malso you didn't even bother looking at some existing spec file like ofono.spec?20:18
malrodrigosolari: the whole thing you are doing is completely pointless20:18
malI really don't understand why you want to package that as it doesn't help anything, you could just add the suitable file to correct place on device and have be permanently fixed on your device (the correct place is not /lib/systemd/system/)20:21
rodrigosolariActually, I'm learning to package, because I want to package the openssl 1.1.0 that I need for a python project20:24
rodrigosolarifor example20:33
rodrigosolarii building this package but20:33
rodrigosolaribut this version 1.0.120:33
rodrigosolariand I get the same error, permission denied, and I don't understand why permission denied :(20:34
malin which environment are you building it?20:38
malapplication sdk is not correct for building that, you need platform sdk20:39
rodrigosolarisailfish OS Build Engine20:41
rodrigosolarithe virtual machine!20:42
malthat is not the one to be used to build those kind of packages, at least not currently20:43
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