Monday, 2019-10-28

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r0kk3rzlachs0r: just use build.sailfishos.org02:05
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lachs0rr0kk3rz: but that instance is broken and has no signup22:20
r0kk3rzit shouldnt be broken23:19
r0kk3rzyou need to have a tjc account and talk to lbt to sign up23:19
r0kk3rzlooks fairly normal to me at least23:20
lachs0rsome things cause 500 errors, likely because the database schema needs to be updated23:21
lachs0re.g. search23:21
r0kk3rzlbt: ^^23:22
lachs0rif you update OBS, you need to run this in the webapi directory (typically /srv/www/obs/api): RAILS_ENV=production bin/rails db:migrate:with_data23:25
lachs0rthat should fix things23:25
r0kk3rzthey run a fairly heavily patched obs, so maybe its not that easy23:33
lachs0rit should be the same process23:33
r0kk3rzbut yeah, if you want to package stuff you can also get on git.sailfishos.org23:34
lachs0rsince I already run my own OBS, I could set up an interconnect to though23:35
r0kk3rzwhatever works for you23:35
lachs0rjust need the API URL for that23:35
lachs0rwhich I don’t have :)23:35 maybe23:36
r0kk3rzthe old url might also still work, api.merproject.org23:38
lachs0rlbt: oh also uses an incomplete ssl certificate chain so it only works in some browsers which already have the CA cert23:46

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