Monday, 2019-11-18

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rodrigosolarifriends i have a problem03:41
rodrigosolariin platformsdk03:41
rodrigosolarirelocations in generic ELF (EM: 40)03:41
rodrigosolarithis error relocations in generic ELF (EM: 40)03:41
chriadampvuorela: is jolla irc down currently?  I can't seem to connect07:33
ViGechriadam: I'm also unable to connect, so I guess it's down07:34
chriadamViGe: I see, thanks07:34
abransonlooks like it went down 30 mins ago07:34
chriadamrip sprint planning :-P07:35
pvuorelachriadam: it's tomorrow then.07:40
chriadampvuorela: no worries, thanks!07:41
abransonit's back07:44
UmeaboyHi! Does anyone have a problem opening links with the standard email app in
UmeaboyI click the link and I don't get the usual window asking me what browser I want to open it with and the link cannot be marked to be copied.10:33
UmeaboyIt works if I reboot the phone, but after a while the problem comes back again.10:35
UmeaboyI would file a bug, but I can't seem to login to the bugzilla for some reason.10:35
fledermausanybody here successfully getting their caldav accounts to sync? mine refuses to pick up new events unless I scrub the account and recreate it, which is less than ideal.13:41
tadzikworks fine over here13:44
fledermausis there any way to debug? the application doesn't really give any feedback about what it's doing.13:45
fledermausIs there a log? something in the journal maybe?13:45
tadzikI'd guess so, but I don't know where :/13:46
albertuxfledermaus: on what device?13:56
albertuxI've got the same problem on my xperiax, solved with factory reset...13:57
fledermausrunning torronsuo13:57
fledermausthat seems a bit drastic.13:58
albertuxyeah, drastic but it works...... :-) (on xperiax)13:59
x2scaldav works for me fine, too14:01
x2swhat software are you using on the other side?14:01
fledermausSOGo (but it was working on my J1, although it did occasionally get stuck and show this symptom)14:02
x2sIs there a way for you to log what your XA2 is sending/receiving on the SOGo server?14:03
lachs0rcaldav works for me on xperia x14:03
fledermausmmmaybe. I'd have to crank up the debug levels, because, well, TLS. Need to have a think about when that's ok to do, can't dick around with work's calendaring just to fix my phone :)14:04
x2syou could set up a nextcloud somewhere and try if it works better14:05
lachs0rserver side is Radicale in my case14:05
fledermausx2s: not really solving my problem - I kind of need my work calendar to work.14:06
fledermausI'd access it via the web ui but the sailfish browser is, um, not great.14:07
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x2sfledermaus: it's about trying, not replacing. Just to see if this is a general problem. And maybe doing things in parallel for testing later to see what's going wrong :)14:28
fledermausx2s: oh, sure.14:31
fledermausbut some kind of log of what the calendaring sw on the phone things it is doing wouldf be ideal.14:31
x2sIt should be possible to setup a local forwarder inbetween and then seen everything that goes through14:38
x2smaybe s_client can do this14:38
x2sah, stunnel414:39
fledermausthere's an MITM tool from the mozilla toolkit. Normally you'd need to steal the SSL cert but as I have super admin powers™ I can actually do that.14:40
x2sthen open up the tunnel between your device and the dav server and connect unencrypted to it over the stunnel14:40
x2snow you can read everything with ngrep14:40
TapewormCommandeI have an old Nexus 7 that I can't downgrade to an older version of Android, not to mention I modified it a bit as well. Was tempted to port SailfishOS myself to it, as I know there was a port at a moment in time. Does this sound possible?16:26
TapewormCommandeI'm a CS student myself, and used Linux for the past 4 years or so16:26
TapewormCommande...or this isn't the appropriate place for this discussion?16:35
fledermausTapewormCommande: #sailfish-porters  I think.17:03
Mister_Magisterare there any gui tools for editing .ts lang files?17:32
tadzikhm, is it not good ol' gettext?17:36
tadzikif it's gettext then poedit might help17:37
Mister_Magisterthey say linguist on google17:37
tadzikah, no idea then17:37
Mister_Magisteryeah linguist does that17:39
TapewormCommandeVS Code? .ts makes me think of typescript17:50
rodrigosolariMister_Magister, do you can help me?18:08
Nico[m]Qt has a tool for editing its translation files, although I forgot what it was called18:14
Nico[m]This one, I think
rodrigosolari155/5000but nico, I am using mb2 in docker, and also the linux (platformsdk), to create a rpm, with a spec, in normal arm but in x86 it shows me that error18:17
rodrigosolaribut nico, I am using mb2 in docker, and also the linux (platformsdk), to create a rpm, with a spec, in normal arm but in x86 it shows me that error18:18
Nico[m]rodrigosolari: Sorry, I can't really help you with that, I don't know enough about that topic18:19
rodrigosolariNICO[m] you remember that you told me to use the docker, and you guided me in the spec, but I have a doubt in arm, it creates the rpm, but in i686, nothing :(18:22
Nico[m]Well, did you tell it to create an i686 rpm by providing the correct target, that doesn't say arm?18:25
rodrigosolariof course, I use the Sailfishos-i486 target in both docker and SFOSSDK,18:27
Nico[m]Then no idea18:30
rodrigosolarido you not have a idea of "relocations in generic ELF (EM: 40)"18:33
FloR707Hi, anyone here who uses Nemo.KeepAlive 1.2?20:50
attahApparently i do20:50
attahwhat about it?20:52
Mister_Magister apparently… me too20:53
FloR707Does DisplayBlanking.preventBlanking = true work for you?20:55
spiiroinFloR707: it does not work like that anymore20:56
spiiroinsee the example20:56
FloR707It does for me with Nemo.KeepAlive 1.1 but not with 1.220:56
spiiroinFloR707: hence the version difference20:56
attahHmm, i thought i had that working but it bugged out once or twice20:56
FloR707An example would be nice. Where can I find that. I just installed one through Qt Creator20:57
attahspiiroin: where is said example?20:57
spiiroin1.1 = singleton, used like FloR707 had above20:58
spiiroin1.2 = blank prevent is an item and there can be N of them20:58
attah...and the attribute does nothing?20:59
spiiroinwhich attribute?20:59
attahit seems to still be a thing...21:00
FloR707Thanks for the link. Looks like documentation is not up to date.21:00
spiiroindocumentation ought to be up to date, but moving from 1.1 -> 1.2 is not simply upping the import21:00
attahI'm not sure i get what the example is trying to tell us21:01
attahis this reasonable use?
spiiroinwell, it is actually backawards compatibility test.21:01
spiirointhe same app uses both 1.1 and 1.2, just on different pages21:02
spiiroinattah: looks ok, on quick glance21:02
attahcool, thanks21:03
FloR707Looks like I got it to work as well. Thanks! =)21:05
spiiroinas an clarification: 1.0 & 1.1 API made it really difficult to handle situations where a single app had multiple places/reasons where to prevent blanking -> 1.2 solves it by effectively doing an OR kind of op - if any of the currently active blank prevent items have preventBlanking == true -> blanking is prevented21:06
attahI just sent my first PDF over internet printing protocol from SFOS... share-to-printer plugin progress is quite slow, but eventually it'll get there21:11
attahbut honestly this should really be stock and not an add-on21:11

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