Saturday, 2019-11-30

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rubdosStrange, flashing the xperia didn't work on arch, but works flawlessly on my Fedora NAS13:10
rubdoscomputers are strange things13:10
malthere is something strange in fastboot13:12
rubdosIt also explains why I had so much trouble getting sfos flashed on my Moto Z Play...13:13
rinigusrubdos: it could be down to usb2/usb3 difference. Xperias don't like flashing via usb316:07
rubdosapparently, yeh16:09
rubdosalthough I've put it on a usb 3 port on my Ryzen NAS16:10
rubdosit works like a charm now though16:10
rubdosseems like a great phone, just gonna miss the amoled16:10
rubdosbut it least it'll be stable :'-)16:10

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