Thursday, 2019-12-12

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digi9Hello, hope this is the appropriate place for it. I just loaded Sailfish on my Pinephone dev phone, but I can't seem to select English (or any other language) at the language select screen on bootup. Any ideas? Maybe the Pinephone port is still too new? I can scroll, just not select...16:42
mkolmandigi9: just an idea - if USB OTG works, you might be able to use a USB keyboard to select the language ?17:02
digi9interesting idea, I'll have to see if I can find a USB-C hub17:03
digi9update: unfortunately not :/17:08
digi9it's funny because it clearly knows I'm touching *something*17:08
PeperJohnnydigi9: you might have more luck in #sailfishos-porters17:09
PeperJohnnythey do a lot with non jolla devices17:10
mkolmandigi9: it could very well be that it is getting the touch events, but fails immediately afterwards17:15
mkolmandigi9: but without crashing the whole app17:15
mkolmandigi9: if you can SSH in, you might want to check the system journal17:16
digi9mkolman: too early to have wifi, so no ssh :)17:25
digi9I've got a serial cable on order17:25
mkolmanusb networking ? :)17:26
mkolmanthat's what I use, but developer mode might need to be enabled first for that17:26
mkolmanwhich is of course not yet possible at that stage17:26
mkolmanalso, maybe try this:
mkolmanbut depends if the language selection is part of tutorial or separate :)17:29
digi9I'll give it a shot later (poking at ubports right now)17:29
mkolmanbtw, when will the "regular" PinePhone batches be available ?17:31
mkolmanIIRC March or something like that ?17:31
mkolmanthinking about getting one as well then :)17:31
PeperJohnnyyeah I think so17:32
PeperJohnnyI'd love to have one to, but I'm bound by one android app, whatsapp :/17:33
mkolmanwhy have one phone if you can have three ? ;-)17:33
Nico[m]Run it in a VM and use a matrix client to connect to the android bridge!17:33
PeperJohnnymaybe if one can get android support on the PinePhone17:33
mkolmanBTW, in case of whatsapp, I'm not sure I would want to use that even as a native app17:33
mkolmangiven their past track record17:34
Nico[m]Sometimes you don't have much choice, sadly ._.17:34
PeperJohnnynot a fan either, but unfortunately everyone I socialize with uses it and I'm not going full hermit17:34
mkolmanBTW, an open source Android emulation layer that community can help to improve and fix would be really useful17:35
PeperJohnnyisn't there anbox?17:35
mkolmanI hope the recent influx of new reasonably open hardware will help to get that into working shape17:36
mkolmanPeperJohnny: well, I know the project exists17:36
mkolmanPeperJohnny: but don'T know how fhar it got17:37
PeperJohnnyhaven't heard of it in a while17:37
mkolmanPeperJohnny: are people using it on mobile devices to run at least basic Android apps, ir is it still more like a proof of concept ?17:37
PeperJohnnyI think some people got it running on ubports, but I may be missremembering17:38
mkolmanwell, at least the Android 8+ based Android emulator Jolla has also uses a container, so it at least validates the concept :)17:38
mkolmanPeperJohnny: that does not inspire much confidence :)17:39
PeperJohnny"Anbox is currently suited for the desktop use case but can be used on mobile operating systems like Ubuntu Touch, Sailfish OS or Lune OS too. However as the mapping of Android applications is currently desktop specific this needs additional work to supported stacked window user interfaces too." - from github17:40
PeperJohnnyalso it's based on 7.1.117:40
mkolmanwell, 5+ would still do for most cases17:41
PeperJohnnyyup. I wonder if jollas adaptation is based on this17:41
mkolmanthat's a good question17:42
mkolmanif it's BSD, the it could be17:42
mkolmanif GPL, not likely17:42
mkolmanas it looks like they own the code or have licensed it from someone (Miriad group ?)17:42
PeperJohnnyah yeah it's GPL v317:43
mkolmanthat's good :)17:43
PeperJohnnyyup they did, I didn't know if they could keep that going or had to rebase17:43
mkolmanwell, then it's unlikely the Jollas solution is based on it, maqybe minus the common architecture17:44
PeperJohnnyyou're probably right17:44
mkolmanwould be interesting what happened, as it seemed like Miriad group was not interested in supporting 5+17:44
mkolmanso maybe Jolla is the main author of the new layer17:44
mkolmanwell, who knows17:45
PeperJohnnyIIRC they bought the right to work on it and kept working on it17:45
PeperJohnnywas maybe said in a meeting or so17:45
mkolmancould be17:45
mkolmanbut I wonder how much of it could be reused17:45
mkolmanthe new solution seem pretty different17:45
mkolmanas for anbox - I think this needs to be as easy & widely used as Wine17:46
mkolmanthat's imho the only way it can improve & keep up with android changes, like Wine does with Windows17:47
mkolmaneq. enough people using & improving it17:47
PeperJohnnyso we'd need a codeweavers style company that can work on it and release part of as open source17:47
mkolmanor someone like Valve sponsoring development17:48
mkolmanI guess if Jolla had more money they could do that :)17:48
mkolmanbut I guess there are still bigger fires to right at the moment :)17:48
PeperJohnnywell given the adoption of linux mobile OS is even less to desktop linux, I think it's far away unfortunately17:48
mkolmansure, but Android emulation could be one of the pre-conditions needed to change that17:49
mkolmanIMHO that's what is keeping Sailfish OS above water outside of corporate customers17:50
PeperJohnnyyeah think so too17:50
mkolmansimilar effect with Linux & gaming17:50
mkolman*desktop Linux17:50
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piggzhello, i have a base item, eg which contains a pulldownmenu, exposed as a property20:07
piggzpages are implements such as
piggzitems are added to the page ok as the default property, but when added to the menu, they all appear ontop of eachother20:08
piggzi tried exposing the menu as but it didnt like that syntax20:08
piggzany ideas?20:09
Guest28Hello, ex-nokian here. Good to see meego alive. Want to go down the Xperia 10+Sailfish route as its open source and am concerned about privacy on android/ios. How secure is sailfish to government snooping in re: post-snowden world? I noticed the core sw is open source but the apps are proprietary.22:33
Nico[m]I don't think there are any guarantees. Most of the base system is open source, so we can be reasonably sure, that there aren't any backdoors in there, but as the UI is proprietary, that could be an easy way to hide a backdoor, I guess. Although most of it is QML and stored in plain text on the phone, and that also doesn't seem to have backdoors. I guess, there could be some hiding somewhere in the proprietary binary bits22:52
r0kk3rzmore secure than an android phone for sure23:11
r0kk3rzprobably not as secure as an iphone, but still niche enough that the govt probably wont bother targetting it23:11
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