Monday, 2019-12-30

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ruskieis there some way to be able to debug why a specific android app isn't working with android support(sailfish x on an xperia 10)? it'll launch then complain about trouble with Google Play services - it's a banking app09:57
r0kk3rzbut banking apps usually dont like alien-dalvik09:59
ruskieyeah, assuming as much10:00
quicquidi always found it an advantage that i could tell me bank that their app doesnt work on my phone10:00
quicquidbut i guess you dont always have a choice10:00
ruskieehh there is a web interface - but it stopped working on my jolla 1 - haven't tried it on the xperia 10 yet(need to install the client side cert)10:01
ruskieif that works(for now until they get rid of the certs) then should be fine10:01
r0kk3rzquicquid: can you imagine trying to tell a front line bank support staff about sailfish, and the error with alien-dalvik?10:01
quicquidr0kk3rz: i just told them i have neither android nor ios, i need a different solution10:02
r0kk3rzyeah, make a website10:02
quicquidusually gets me the keypads for authentification10:02
ruskieatm still on client cert10:02
ruskiebut yeah will have to switch to OTP once it runs out - and they have a provision for an OTP token instead of their app10:03
ruskiebut that's still a year and a half away - so no rush :)10:03
ruskietbh not bothered much anyway :)10:07
* quicquid crosses fingers you get the app working in the meantime10:07
ruskiedon't need it tbh10:07
ruskieas said I'll be able to get a physical OTP token instead of the app one10:08
ruskiehad a discussion with them about this a year or so ago10:08
ruskiecause honestly having both the token and access on the same device - doesn't really sound like a smart thing anyway10:08
quicquidnope - "two" factors :)10:09
ruskielikely same reason I dislike having a fingerprint reader to unlock a device10:09
ruskietbh I wish I could just make the fingerprint reader a button to activate the screen10:09
ruskieinstead of having it unlock it10:09
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schm0lleGood Morning, I am in trouble with installing the Application SDK under Kubuntu 19.10. "Common Sailfish OS Emulator Integration Bits for Sailfish IDE" seems to raise the errors. Here is the last part of the log: Maybe someone has an idea?12:52
Dakondoes it work? maybe this can just be ignored14:59
schm0lleI can launch the SDK, but compilation fails15:23
malhow does it fail?15:26
Herriemal: For Halium I'm looking into getting Android 8.1/9.0 ported so it can serve as a basis for LuneOS/UBPorts/Plasma etc. I was able to cherry pick quite a bit from mer-hybris and get things into a reasonable state, however now a bit stuck. It seems logcat doesn't work. "logcat read failure" Any ideas how to solve this?15:28
malthat usually means android side is not running15:31
malHerrie: did you notice the difference how hybris-16.0 was done15:31
Herriemal: I didn't look too much into that one yet15:33
HerrieOne at a time15:33
Herriemal: Ah seems LXC container doesn't start...15:34
HerrieThat explains Android not working on LuneOS side ;)15:34
Herrie"lxc-wait: monitor.c: lxc_monitor_open: 237 Failed to connect to monitor socket. Retrying in 100 ms: Connection refused"15:34
HerrieLet me debug that one first15:35
Herriemal: You mean hybris-patches approach?15:39
HerrieFor 16.0 ?15:39
HerrieNot a big fan of applying patches to stuff repo touches (not very fail safe, unless you hard code revisions etc), but understand why you do it ;)15:41
HerrieForking & patching Android repos is not a whole lot of fun either ;)15:42
malHerrie: the problem was that we couldn't push hybris-16.0 branch of was it system/core to github because it complained it had too big commits, there was some upstream commit in there which was more than 100 MB because they accidentially pushed unstripped debug binaries once15:46
malnot sure how lineageos did that15:47
malthey have the same commit in there15:47
Herriemal: Ah OK15:50
HerrieThat explains15:50
Dakondrop the github repo, clone from lineage, push your branches again, delete the fork status (optionally)17:34
Dakonmal ^17:35
malyou mean for again from lineage?17:39
malbut how does that help when we still have to push then new custom branch?17:40
Herriemal: If you create a branch from existing branch this shouldn't be an issuse because you would only push the new changes?17:44
malHerrie: hmm, good point, but quite annoying if we would have to remove the repo always when adding new android base version17:55
malwhy can't there be a feature to fork a branch17:56
Herriemal: ah I see what you mean now17:58
HerrieYeah if you need to add a branch from another fork then it would add the whole branch incl history17:59
HerrieI'm sure there's a workaround for it but yeah17:59
HerrieWonders of git sometime17:59
HerrieLG decided to put all their new webOS work on a new GH account instead of previous one, so all our LuneOS forks were pointing to "wrong" upstream :(18:00
malHerrie: so we would need to add a branch based in lineage-16.0 branch but we don't have that lineage-16.0 in our mer-hybris fork18:02
Herriemal: Yeah I see the problem. You're sure it was the system/core one? Will have some try at my end to see if I can come up with something18:04
malHerrie: also one problem is that the android repo were forked from cyanogenmod a long time ago so simple fork magic would not be easy18:04
malHerrie: I can check which one it was18:04
Herriemal: Yeah I'm aware of that, same issue we have with Open webOS and webOS OSE now ;) We forked the former, changes are in the latter. Not too dissimilar from CM->LOS mess ;)18:05
malHerrie: I think this commit removed the huge files
malHerrie: here you can see the sizes "BIN -219 MB libunwindstack/tests/files/offline/jit_debug_x86_32/"18:12
Herriemal: Ah ok, I'll have a look. Have some ideas, just need to test18:22
schm0llemal: it tries to cd into a directory called /home/src1/whatever, but this doesn't exist18:25
Herriemal: Success :) I used BFG as per and now have a clean branch at:
HerrieIt basically stripped the large file from the history21:03
HerrieI pretty much followed the instructions 1:1 that were listed there, so pretty straight forward21:03
malso that rewrites the history?21:09
HerrieIt seems so, but just removing the large file21:14
HerrieBut yeah seems all commit id's are changed. Not ideal21:15
malHerrie: also that would make merging changes from upstream a bit more difficult maybe21:18
Herriemal: Well it seems I can cherry pick stuff21:18
HerrieI.e. I hard-resetted to a previous commit and cherry picked the latest commit from upstream, seems OK21:19
HerrieSo it seems to recognize it's from the same source21:20
HerrieIt doesn't complain about different history like it would do in case of issues21:20
HerrieFeel free to pick it from my link ;)21:23
malhow would it behave if you remove some commit or commits and then try merge from lineage repo21:24
HerrieWell I did that with the last commit21:25
Dakonmal: one would need to do the clone trickery only once if no new huge commits are introduced22:34
Dakonif you remove things the git commit ids do not match anymore22:34
Dakonof course one could go and do git filter-branch to entirely remove the file from history, but upstream would have to do that, too, otherwise one can't merge from them easily22:35
HerrieWell the main issue is that the branch is in another repo from original22:36
HerrieAnother option would be to fork LOS and migrate the branches from the current CM-form to the new LOS based fork22:36
HerrieThat will solve the headache22:36
HerrieGetting the CM based branches into the LOS-based fork should be easy enough22:36
HerrieDakon: The android_system_core was forked from CM, the lineage-16.0 branch is in LOS repo. So you cannot easily add the branch without taking the whole history.22:38
Dakonyou could try creating just a merge request that merges the upstream branch into your repo, that could also work22:40
Dakonsince the commits are already at github22:41
HerrieDakon: Yes but the fork doesn't share the same commit history, That's the problem mainly22:41
Dakonso if the history is different anyway, what's the problem? or otherwise, shouldn't that be fixed22:42
DakonI must confess I have no clue about the repo and what is needed as merge/branch/release policy in them in any of the related projects22:43
HerrieDakon: It can't be fixed because they have a different origin. At least it seems so22:46

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