Monday, 2020-01-20

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enigma9o7I built an app from github source directly on my device.  When I run it, it rotates to portrait.  I want to keep it landscape.06:36
enigma9o7I believe this should be possible with qxcompositor but unsure the correct command line if that's the correct solution.06:38
enigma9o7Not sure how I would apply that, although certainly seems relevant.07:28
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attahSo, it is still a kludge, but raster printing is now sort of in the app21:01
attahAny ideas on how to sneak-prepend contents in the ppm2pwg process output would be gladly accepted, including moving it in to the application (but it still needs to work as a QIODevice or at least not all be in memory at once)21:06

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