Wednesday, 2020-01-22

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johansmitsnlOn my Experia10 plus I don't get GPS working. I have the location service enabled but the GPS apps don't seem to find any position. Is this a known issue or ... ?07:31
maljohansmitsnl: how long did you wait? which app did you use? were you indoors or outdoors?08:46
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KabouikAnyone knows if we are supposed to get hw decoding of h264 and h265 in Alien Dalvik? I tried mpv-android and it falls back to SW, also have no video in some Android apps that have no SW fallback option.10:17
malwhich device?10:19
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nylHas anyone hacked android auto protocol?12:03
nylTo show SFOS ui on the car HU12:03
Mister_Magistermal: you there? why is --disable-hwaccels there?
malMister_Magister: does any device other than native ports have any hw decoders that ffmpeg supports16:19
Mister_Magisterhow does hw decoding in sfos work then?16:20
mali.e. gst-droid16:20
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johansmitsnl<mal "Johan Smits: how long did you wa"> The GPS worked when I was outside.18:49
rinigusJohan Smits: the first fix may take considerable time, more than 2 minutes sometimes18:52
johansmitsnlAnd AGPS does not "assist" in a first global positioning?18:53
malit might to certain degree but not much, it will give initial location if available but not more I think18:57
attahI wish there was something that quacks like a QIODevice, but that i can program to process data without also having to do all buffer handling completely from scratch... like a QProcess, but less external19:08
malwhat are you trying to do?19:16
attahTranscode raw bitmaps to printer raster19:16
attahthe end consumer is a QNetworkAccessManager:post() that takes what is now the second-stage QProcess as input19:17
attah(I also want to prepend a bit of data to the IODevice as seen by the post call, but solving either half of the problem is an improvement)19:19
attahThe "source" is a QProcess of muraster doing PDF to bitmap19:20
malwhat is format used by printer?19:42
attahIt is a format called PWG raster, basically packbits-compressed bitmaps20:00 a header, per page in the file being printed20:02
attahOne reason i want to move it in from a separate program is that i'd like to be able to give it data for the header through better means than environment variables20:03
attahmal: Current state of things

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