Tuesday, 2020-01-28

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dcalisteHello chriadam_, once again sorry to be late this morning (evening) :/08:23
chriadam_hi dcaliste, no problem at all08:23
chriadam_I hope you had a good week?08:23
dcalisteIt was allright, with festivities for Vietnamese new year !08:24
dcalisteThanks for merging (and spotting the if mistake) the out-off window deletion prevention.08:25
chriadam_nice one :-)08:25
chriadam_no problem, thanks for fixing that one swiftly08:26
chriadam_also, thanks for reporting the issue with the error signal being ignored in accounts.  blam added support to listen for that one and display the error message in the Oops page08:26
chriadam_not sure precisely which accounts that's handled for, but I think it should cover most account types08:27
chriadam_regarding mkcal MR#17 and nqpc MR#49, I've asked pvuorela and flypig whether they have any concerns with that one, now that you've added that nqpc PR to ensure we set all-day events as clocktime08:28
chriadam_I would like to merge and tag those sometime this week, i.e. before I go away on vacation08:28
chriadam_but let's see08:28
chriadam_the kcalcore MR#13 will have to wait until I get back unfortunately (that's the exclusive dtend one, along with the associated plugin update MRs)08:29
dcalisteYeh, I'm waiting for pvuorela and flypig to comment on the solution for MR#17 and associated.08:32
dcalisteI agree it's better to wait for time for kcalcore#13 and affiliated.08:33
chriadam_at some point in the near future, we should touch base regarding the Settings/Keys UI and how to make it work properly for GnuPG keys08:33
dcalisteFor the error reporting, it's mainly for CalDAV from what I've seen. Thanks to Bea for the correction.08:34
chriadam_I recently made a change to remove some visual clutter from that Keys page (i.e. remove the Import and Generate buttons for gnupg/smime plugins), and going forward we need to improve the whole UI there because currently it's ... a bit of a mess08:34
chriadam_but I wasn't sure precisely what was supported for gnupg/smime currently via that UI.  for my testing previously, I'd imported keys manually using gpg2 command line08:35
chriadam_(and then selected appropriate key for signing etc from the Settings/Accounts UI when creating an email account)08:35
dcalisteThe support of GnuPG in UI is really minimal at the moemnt.08:40
dcalisteMainly to display the stored keys.08:40
dcalisteTheoretically the import from a file should work also, but flypig told me some time ago that he faced some issues with it.08:41
chriadam_ah, that's good - so I didn't remove any functionality then.  display is still supported after my patch.  it was just import/generate which I removed (import was anyway limited to .pem files rather than .asc which I think gpg requires, and generate caused a failure for me when I tested - hence why I removed those options)08:41
dcalisteI need to investigate, but was side tracked by various other developmentsā€¦08:41
chriadam_in the future, we will be re-vamping the UI for Keys somewhat.  when I start on that, we can discuss further I think :-)08:42
dcalisteYes, the generate may not work, because it is missing a email.08:42
chriadam_indeed, we may need some way to allow per-plugin specification of the generate key dialog, to ensure user inputs all required data etc...08:42
chriadam_I've added a note about that, will give it some thought.08:45
chriadam_that was all I had to discuss today - was there anything else you wanted to discuss or which I should follow up on?08:45
dcalisteIf you can comment this MR : https://bitbucket.org/jolla/ui-jolla-settings-accounts/pull-requests/7008:46
chriadam_let me check08:47
chriadam_will merge and tag that one tomorrow after I check on device, unless bea or pekka raise some issue08:49
chriadam_thank you very much08:50
chriadam_just one comment there regarding adding a TJC# to commit message for CI08:51
dcalisteAh thanks, ok to add the TJC but the TJC question was a bit different to the issue addressed by this MR.08:52
chriadam_oh, I didn't check the tjc itself, was just reading the PR description08:52
dcalisteThe issue was raised by a user in the comment and we continue then by email together to find what was wrong.08:52
chriadam_which mentioned that one08:52
chriadam_well, if it's related to that TJC then I don't see a problem with marking it as "Contributes to" personally08:53
chriadam_(and without any tag, CI will prevent integration unfortunately...)08:53
dcalisteOk, no problem, I'll add the TJC id.08:53
chriadam_was there anything else to discuss?08:54
chriadam_I guess one thing: I'm going away on vacation next months08:54
dcalisteNo, that's fine. Thank you. I'm waiting for pvuorela to comment on https://bitbucket.org/jolla/ui-jolla-settings-accounts/pull-requests/6808:54
chriadam_so I guess we will have next meeting on Tuesday 3rd of March, as I'm away all Feb08:55
chriadam_of course pvuorela and flypig are always available on IRC or email if you need to contact them08:55
Krikkeso is it possible to hack XA2 to get output via USB-C? like samsung dex08:55
* pvuorela lurks08:55
dcalisteSure, I wish you to enjoy your holydays. and we can meet together again on March.08:55
chriadam_indeed :-) thanks again for your time and contributions, very much appreciated08:56
chriadam_will speak to you again in March :-)08:56
chriadam_oh - just got word from Jaymzz that the blog post will be going out shortly.  I think he'll get in touch with you to make sure the wording etc is ok.08:57
chriadam_took time but glad it's going to happen :-)08:57
dcalisteAh, nice news ;)08:57
dcalisteOk, so enjoy your holydays chriadam_ and see you after.09:00
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vilpanpvuorela: hi, I've been told you and sledges are the people to talk to wrt keyboard layouts, but sledges seems to be gone from IRC.10:31
vilpanI've been told by sledges a Lithuanian keyboard layout is in the works back in August of last year to be released in the next release or the one after that. A couple release have been made in the mean time, so what's the status? Shall I hold my breath for 3.3? :)10:31
pvuorelavilpan: yea, there's a PR for lithuanian keyboards. haven't been discussed for a little time now, was having impression it needed some changes, but now not entirely sure. need to check with sledges.10:53
vilpanpvuorela: is the PR/discussion public? I'd take a look in case additional input could be useful.11:27
pvuorelavilpan: unfortunately no.11:31
vilpanpvuorela: ok, is there anything me/other users could do to help?11:36
vilpanI'm aware it's easy to configure a new layout (https://lists.sailfishos.org/pipermail/devel/2019-May/008603.html), but it gets tedious to re-apply after every upgrade. Not to mention everyone has to do the dance over and over, and some people probably don't even bother meaning they can't use their native language on Sailfish.11:36
pvuorelavilpan: sorry, maybe not much with this one. translation could be another thing, though.11:38
vilpanI've always found localized UIs confusing. Probably too used to English terminology. However, being able to write properly in the native language is important.11:43
Krikkeis there any way to enable external monitor through usb-c?15:25
Krikkexrandr doesn't seem to work15:25
Krikkethe monitor works ootb with usb keyboard15:25
Krikkepreferably some command line tool?15:25
Krikkeit's hard to find information about this15:25
mkolmanKrikke: I though that needs USB-3, so it works also with USB-C USB 2.0 devices ?15:42
Nico[m]xrandr is only for X, isn't it?15:45
KrikkeNico[m]: yeah so what do we use in Sailfish?16:18
Krikkemkolman: I have no idea it just work16:19
Krikkethe monitor has a usb hub16:19
Krikkeand charging usb-c16:19
Nico[m]Krikke: Sailfish is based on Wayland, I think the compositor needs to support that in that case. I'm not sure if lipstick does16:22
Krikkeso add support?16:24
Krikkethere is the specs, why are you not coding?16:24
Nico[m]Eh, I'm coding something else, I'm not a sailfish dev, just an application developer16:26
Nico[m]And even then, I wouldn't start implementing such a thing, if someone formulates it like that :D16:26
BenKerryIs someone online ?18:46
Nico[m]Should I say no?18:46
BenKerryCan you tell me wich Version of YouTube APK is working on my Xperia XA 2 ?18:48
Nico[m]No, I never used an Android app for youtube18:48
adanteswhy would someone do that?18:51
adanteswhats the point of using sfos in that case? please someone explain that if what google apps working great, try use google phone18:52
Nico[m]Dunno, YTPlayer is all I ever needed or I just use my browser18:52
tadzikwhat browser are you using?18:59
Nico[m]The Sailfish Browser. The others don't that well for me somehow19:00
johansmitsnlI use Fennec from F-Droid19:01
johansmitsnlBu only because my Home Assistant website does not open in the default browser.19:01
x2sthe sf browser doesn't work very well with duckduckgo :/19:02
johansmitsnlx2s: and also because of this to19:02
malwhat is the problem with duckduckgo?19:02
johansmitsnlyou can't set it to be the default search engine19:03
malthere is the search engine app in openrepos19:04
x2swhen I go to duckduckgo.com I can't focus on the search field19:04
x2sI have to scroll down and up and do some voodoo to get the focus into the search field19:04
malx2s: so it seems, need to check that19:04
johansmitsnlFor me not able to use HA + duckduck was the reason to switch for Fennec (Firefox).19:05
x2sAlso JS reendering is pretty slow. I guess the engine could use some optimization (or noscript and an adblocker...)19:05
Nico[m]You could use duckduckgo.com/lite19:06
x2sNever tried that.19:09
x2sduckduckgo is not heavily relying on JavaScript, just the focus problem is a bit annoying19:10
malfocus seems to work randomly19:17
malusually after scrolling a bit19:18
johansmitsnlIs there news on the render engine update for the default browser?19:19
adantesjohansmitsnl: never got a problem with it19:22
adantesjohansmitsnl: yes you can. just install storeman19:22
adantesyouve a lot of utils that allow you o set ddg as default19:23
johansmitsnlCan you open this site: https://demo.home-assistant.io/19:23
adantesyes I can19:25
adantesgemini pda19:25
adantessailfish x19:25
Nico[m]Yes, I can open it19:25
* Nico[m] uploaded an image: Bildschirmfoto_20200128_001.png (75KB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/r0/download/neko.dev/uJiWOUoyBwDifRvRfxtAhcYO >19:26
adantesits not great to use, but works19:26
Nico[m]Xperia X Compact with Sailfish X here19:27
johansmitsnlhmm sorry, the issue is with the login page and this demo environment does not have a login page on it19:27
johansmitsnlThe issue is that you cannot enter your credentials, it only shows the login button19:28
adanteswell, have you consider it may be the programming of the website that may have some kind of flaw?19:28
johansmitsnlyes I did consider it19:29
Nico[m]Could also be that the website requires a newer feature19:29
johansmitsnlProbable that is the case, did not investigate it because a colleague of mine told it was due to the old render engine and he already spend time on it.19:31
johansmitsnlIs there some documentation on how to debug or get the console of the default browser?19:31
johansmitsnlMight be interesting in what the error is19:32
Nico[m]You can start the browser from the command line and it will output errors to the console19:32
johansmitsnlwhat is the command of the browser?19:33
Nico[m]sailfish-browser? Don't really remember19:33
johansmitsnlyes that is it19:33
attahis there some way to hook a qml function to when the user navigates away from a page? (and still have stuff on the page readable for said function)19:34
johansmitsnlNothing special: JavaScript warning: https://ha.domain.com/static/polyfills/webcomponents-bundle.js, line 134: mutating the [[Prototype]] of an object will cause your code to run very slowly; instead create the object with the correct initial [[Prototype]] value using Object.create19:34
attahi seem to recall there would be, but can't find it19:34
Nico[m]The state change?19:35
Nico[m]You should be able to add an onStatusChange listener to the page and check if the status is PageStatus.Deactivating19:38
attahaha, thanks19:39
attahThat worked great :)19:43
pingutux[m]does anybody know the latest SFOS Version for the Nexus 5 and when was the last update?20:39
adantespingutux[m]: nope20:46
pingutux[m]is it still suported by e.g. sailfishmods?20:50
pingutux[m]how about oneplus one?20:53
Nico[m]I think the #sailfishos-porters guys would be the better people to ask20:54
Nico[m]Also most of the status is listed here, I think: https://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Adaptations/libhybris20:55
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pingutux[m]sorry I still do not know IRC and Matrix to much - how do I get to #sailfishos-porters? I am using riot...something like /join # sailfish...I forgott?!?21:03
Nico[m]join #freenode_#sailfishos-porters:matrix.org21:04
pingutux[m]that easy? worked! Iam to old for this! But thanks.21:06
Nico[m]No worries21:07
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