Wednesday, 2020-02-05

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enigma9o7geo trackers?  like when they drive in the rainforest and destroy whales?02:19
r0kk3rzthe RDF databasey thing02:38
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OksanaDue to quietness of SailfishOS-FxtecPro1 phone calls (I think Android was quiet too), I want to pair Bluetooth Speakerphone (Supertooth II) with Fxtec Pro1. I can enable Bluetooth and Visibility in Settings, but I do not see how to pair the speaker-phone with Pro1. Any tips on Sailfish OS interface?03:24
OksanaWhy would tracker be considered harmful? I adore tags! Makes sorting images so much easier. Cannot say anything about gnome-tracker specifically, though. But, I like trackerd on Maemo 5 Fremantle.03:25
* Oksana should just find usual trrs wired headphones03:26
OksanaI have a pair of headphones, but they have PC-ish configuration of separate trs ends for speakers and for microphone.03:26
r0kk3rziirc the pairing is in the pulley menu?03:27
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Oksanar0kk3rz: Top menu? I can see Bluetooth On/Off toggle here. "Transfers" too, whatever it is. I do not see a list of ambient Bluetooth devices visible, though.03:56
OksanaAh, here it is! Long press...03:58
OksanaWhy are nearby devices all in weird numbers, no names? Any setting for that?03:58
r0kk3rzoh in the settings menu04:09
r0kk3rzthey should have names04:09
Oksana11 Nearby devices. All of them are in 12-3X-MAC address forms.04:10
Oksana <-- 001CD8 is not one of them04:10
OksanaOh, Apple Pencil. One out of seventeen devices does have a proper name.04:11
* Oksana is serious04:12
r0kk3rzthats a lot of nearby bt devices04:13
OksanaScreenshot captured. But probably will not be sharing, MAC addresses are unique information...04:13
r0kk3rzits a ported device, so bt could not be 100% yet04:14
OksanaYes, a lot. Considering than I am in an empty room, I have only one switched on and visible device (SuperTooth II), and there are maybe two people in another room, half a dozen people on the whole floor of the building...04:14
Oksana27 devices. Still, only Apple Pencil has a name.04:15
Oksana30 devices.04:16
OksanaI should probably be trying to pair to SuperTooth in a less BlueTooth-crowded space :P04:17
r0kk3rzit should still show up04:17
r0kk3rzprovided its advertising itself04:17
OksanaYes, it's blinking its blue LED, so it should be advertising itself. One can hope.04:18
r0kk3rzsounds like04:18
OksanaI think it's 40 devices by now, but it's getting difficult to count.04:19
r0kk3rzi wonder what they all are04:20
OksanaI do too. Going by how different MAC addresses are, they all are from different manufacturers?04:20
OksanaI am surprised they are visible. It drains battery, doesn't it?04:21
r0kk3rzBLE stuff tends to advertise all the time04:21
r0kk3rzthey could be beacons04:21
OksanaAll from different manufacturers?.. Maybe. BLE styluses for tablets? BLE wrist watches? No idea.04:22
OksanaNot find-able in the database. Interesting things, tricky... But too distracting.04:24
Oksana54 devices. Calling off the search.04:25
OksanaSame floor, different wing of the building. Several dozens of devices, but, different devices. Like, "Charge 2" and one other proper name, no pencil.04:44
OksanaSo, it's not Sailfish OS problem (though I would be glad to have auto-deciphering of MAC addresses, based on database of manufacturer 6-digit-sequences, built in - would have made looking at the long list easier).04:45
OksanaHuh, STII requires special buttons to be pressed, to start trying to pair.
* Oksana charges it up some more04:55
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enigma9o7Is there a way to get 'clear' working (thru ssh to sfos)18:09
attahAre there any docs for NFC on SFOS?18:58
malwhat kind of documentation do you need?19:20
attahAnything that helps me get my bearings a bit... but the end goal is to read id, and maybe data from cards19:21
attahAll interesting cards just makes the thingy publishing them on dbus loop due to unknown type19:23 API docs is perhaps the answer19:24
attahI guess i'm looking at something a bit more approachable than reading the entire source code of matkakortti19:24
olattah (IRC): I think, good starting point would be
olIt prints many lines of information when I try to read transport tickets and credit cards, but I have no idea what this info means.20:07
attahThanks, also... that's what i was afraid of20:07
attahThe info it has access to does not seem to work properly with my cards20:08
attahas in failing half-way through the detection, resetting, re-detecting, repeating,20:08
attahalthough it does get id and type... could be a good start20:11
attahwas hoping that would be exposed on dbus, but couldn't easily find it20:14
tortoisedocdoes anybody know how the fx1 hw keyb relies the events?21:19
tortoisedoci tried qt keys in qml but no input21:19

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