Monday, 2020-03-02

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dcalistepvuorela, hello, I would like to propose a contribution in sailfish-components-timezone, where I have write access, but I cannot push any branch there, trying contributor-foo or contrib-bar naming scheme for the branch. May you have a look to which pattern is allowed to push ? Thanks in advance.09:09
pvuoreladcaliste: sure, i'll check.09:28
dcalistepvuorela, thank you.09:29
pvuoreladcaliste: was contributor-, changed to contrib- for being consistent with others.09:32
dcalistepvuorela, thanks it's working. In the jolla-calendar repository, it's still contributor-foo I think, by the way.09:34
pvuoreladcaliste: duh :) oh well, maybe i won't touch that now.09:43
dcalistepvuorela, sure, no problem was just mentioning ! And I notice that I bother you for nothing (sorry for that), because in fact I was trying to push to the master branch at the beginning…09:44
dcalisteSo not a problem of naming scheme, but a problem in the interface between chair and keyboard. :/09:44
pvuorelano problem :)09:47
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oozboozunfortunately, I still have to use some of the droid apps .. but I couldn't figure out how to install Support App16:00
maloozbooz: what do you mean? which device?16:29
oozboozmal, I have latest SFOS 3.2 installed on Sony XA216:51
oozboozneither Jolla stora nor Storeman show Android Suppot app package16:52
maldo you have license for the device?16:57
oozboozI did pay for OS...17:13
maland you have the account added correctly on the device?17:15
maloozbooz: did you buy the license after getting the image?17:22
malI mean after installing the license17:23
mal*installing sailfish os to device17:23
oozboozmal, I am not sure if I installed license/account correctly on device... is there a quick way to check it?17:26
maloozbooz: did you reboot the device after you bought the license?17:27
oozboozis buying the license not the same as paying for OS image download ?17:28
malah, so bought the license before downloading the image17:29
malthen the issue is something else, I'm just trying rule out some possible reasons for the issue17:29
maloozbooz: and you are sure you bought the license for correct device? check on the the license you bought17:32
oozboozlooks like I used two different account to puchase license and to activate phone17:35
oozboozyou are correct... thanks17:36
oozboozis there a way to transfer/merge two accounts17:36
malah, so change the account on the device and should work, reboot after changing the account just in case17:36
malhmm, not sure, maybe make a customer support question on https://jolla.zendesk.com17:37
oozboozthanks again17:38
tortoisedocso I am trying to get quickbar to be workable via keyboard / mice17:55
tortoisedocso I was wondering, how's the event view processing the keyboard events?17:55
tortoisedocI mean, considering the evdevkeyboard device doesnt seem to rely the events?17:55
tortoisedoc(to quickbar I mean)17:55
tortoisedocit feels like something is amiss17:56
tortoisedocbut what?17:56
tortoisedocI noticed that there's two devices created for my usb kb17:58
tortoisedoc(connected to my xperia)17:58
tortoisedoccould it be, the evdevkeyboard plugin picks up the silent one?17:58
tortoisedoc@mal ?17:58
tortoisedocany ideas?17:58
malto which level do you see the events? evdev_trace? mce? Qt?18:00
tortoisedoccat ?18:00
tortoisedoccat seems to work18:00
tortoisedocterminal as well18:00
tortoisedocbut from quickbar, none18:00
tortoisedoc(terminal as in started from the phone)18:01
tortoisedocof course another possibility is that Im not initializing the plugin correctly18:01
maldoes evdev_trace show those, could mce be capturing the input?18:02
tortoisedochmhm mce..18:02
tortoisedocwhere can I get evdev_trace from?18:02
malmce-tools package or something like that18:03
tortoisedocsome issue here with mce-tools ->
malhave you installed some odd packages?18:04
malrun zypper ref18:04
tortoisedochmm not after the upgrade no18:04
malor pkcon refresh18:05
tortoisedocyep now it looks more normal18:07
tortoisedocyeah so18:08
tortoisedochere's the two input devices for the kb18:08
tortoisedoci'd *guess* at this point, qt picks up the wrong one (the first one)18:09
tortoisedocthe one which has no axies :|18:09
tortoisedocbut lipstick works :/18:10
tortoisedocerm inputs via lipstick (to terminal f. ex.)18:10
tortoisedocevdev_trace works fine18:12
tortoisedocand shows event even on screen locked18:12
tortoisedocill look into how I get the evdevkeyb loaded18:12
malevdev_trace is monitoring the low level events18:12
malso basically the same cat18:12
tortoisedocmal : meaning?`/dev/input/eventXX or even lower?18:14
tortoisedocah ok18:14
tortoisedoccat level18:14
tortoisedocor then18:17
tortoisedocmal: does lipstick do some resolution to find the correct keyboard device to listen to? or is it udev-based?18:18
tortoisedocwrong configuration of plugin19:16
tortoisedocoh but19:18
tortoisedocthat only yields the socket notification event!19:18
tortoisedocso something is really off here19:19
oozboozI need to setup ENV variable for gPodder application to change download folder. Should I do via .bashrc or there are other means for SFOS?21:00

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