Wednesday, 2020-03-11

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dcaliste_Hello flypig, may I ask you the log of the failing sync for the MR!62 chriadam is proposing ?08:06
dcaliste_I'm wondering also why the DB cannot load the evnt.08:07
dcaliste_The error in mkcal is coming from the fact that this event has already been registered for addition, modification or deletion.08:08
dcaliste_I cannot understand how this is possible in the Buteo plugin, because additions or modifications are done for uris sent by servers, while deletions come from uris NOT in this same list.08:09
dcaliste_But, in mkcal, the test to see if the incidence can be loaded is done on UID only, not on UID + recurrenceID.08:09
dcaliste_That may be a lead.08:09
dcaliste_So maybe something to do with the event being deleted on server, and the event having exceptions.08:10
dcaliste_Maybe, having the full log will help to validate such hypothesis, or not.08:11
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dcaliste_flypig, good evening. Thanks for the report for mkcal!34.14:56
flypigHi dcaliste_14:57
dcaliste_I've just commented there, that thanks to your investigations, I think I see the issue reason.14:57
flypigNo problem. I was just looking at the buteo-sync-plugin-caldav/62 issue too (I'm afraid I don't have the logs so was planning to regenerate them).14:57
flypigI've not seen your comment yet... looking now.14:58
dcaliste_Ok, if you can reproduce the storage load error, I would be interested to look at the log to understand why this event is seen as added, modified or already deleted.14:58
flypigI'm afraid I don't remember there being much else in the log. Was there something particular you were looking for?14:59
flypigThanks for the !34 comment. Am I right in thinking there's not changes needed to the contactsd MR for this then?15:00
flypigCould you use the notebook uid you already have, rather than the mapping?15:01
dcaliste_Yes, that's my plan, but I don't know if it's reasonable yet. Need to look at the code actually.15:01
flypigOkay, I'll great, I'll leave it with you then.15:02
dcaliste_The best is to correct this in mkcal, because I think as it is now, it is to fragile, ensuring that the events are loaded in the calendar.15:02
flypigYes, makes sense.15:03
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