Friday, 2020-03-13

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guest314Is there a different channel that discusses documentation of sailfish16:55
Nico[m]Not really16:57
guest314Quick question - From there are both open-source and closed-source components in the SailfishOS. So, when we download the Qt-Creator and SDK for development from the website, we get the pre-compiled binaries of Lipstick17:01
guest314And we don't get access to the Android runtime, the various Sailfish pre-packaged apps17:01
guest314Is that accurate?17:01
guest314I see that Lipstick is available here - ; so is it more in the license agreement that it is proprietary and not truly closed-source ?17:03
mallipstick is open but the UI stuff on top of it is closed as seen in the architecture picture in the info link above17:07
guest314Got it; so Lipstick is the app-launcher but the UI components like home-screen, notifications, events view etc., are closed-source. Is that right ?17:10
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