Sunday, 2020-03-22

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Oksanacoderus: Thank you. I suspected so, but it's nice to hear from an expert :-) How does patchmanager work that it has to re-apply patch manually on every OS start?07:22
coderusOksana: pm3 creating shadow copy of patched files and redirect read calls to different location, while original files are unchanged10:11
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Sailor7554hi everyone, trying to upgrade from to on oneplus 3 but get error: nothing provides needed by qt5-qpa-hwcomposer-plugin- How can this be solved? Should this be solved if I build glibc 2.28? Sorry for the noob question. Any advice would be highly appreciated.14:22
malmaybe the adaptation repos haven't been update, what is the device codename14:35
malwhich repos does it show in output of "ssu lr"14:37
Sailor7554i have these14:50
Sailor7554mal: are these the ones you asked for?14:52
malhow did you try to update it14:58
Sailor7554did ssu re and version --dup14:59
malSailor7554: maybe you could try to update to a newer version15:00
Sailor7554also tried to update zypper after ssu re and works but still have the glib issue15:00
mallatest is 3.2.115:01
mallatest is
Sailor7554will try that though broke everything yesterday. will do that and brb15:02
malhow did it break?15:03
Sailor7554didn't boot sailfish, hanged in oneplus logo15:03
mallogs would be useful15:03
Sailor7554actually did that through the zypper refresh and upgrade method15:07
Sailor7554will try that with now and get to a pc. brb15:08
uzer_Sailor7554 here15:10
uzer_updated but same problem, screen hangs in oneplus logo. will reinstall. any idea how i can solve the glibc 2.28 issue?15:28
uzer_that leaves some updates behind also15:29
uzer_ok, will get that after reinstalling15:29
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malof course i mean logs from the failing boot, also output of version --dup15:46
uzer_reinstalled, now upgrading from port from xda to, after that. that will take 40 minutes maybe and will work well. how will i get logs from failing boot?15:52
uzer_found it /var/log/systemboot.log15:53
uzer_is that it?15:53
maltelnet 2323 and then grab logs15:54
malI assuming it boots that far15:54
uzer_ok, will upgrade to the latest version and attempt that. is there any other stop release upgrade after
malthe problem is that the adaptation is built against
malin that repo you use16:36
Mister_MagisterHello sailors, i've got one view that i want to be able to swipe left to perform action (carousel) and idk how to do that (swipe right not allowed)16:39
uzer_i now am in and trying to update to stop release with this result: [root@Sailfish nemo]# ssu re
uzer_Changing release from to
uzer_Your device is now in release mode!16:41
uzer_[root@Sailfish nemo]# version --dup16:41
uzer_Resolving: 100%16:41
uzer_Error: nothing provides pulseaudio-module-keepalive >= 1.0.0 needed by pulseaudio-modules-droid-12.2.84-1.19.3.jolla.armv7hl16:41
uzer_Finished transaction (status=2, runtime=21269ms)16:41
uzer_UPGRADE NOT COMPLETE - Retry 1 of 916:41
uzer_Waiting 1 seconds before retry.16:41
uzer_Refreshing: 16%^C16:41
uzer_should i thy to upgrade via pkcon refresh, zypper refresh/update and grab those logs or is it anything else i can try before16:42
malI said adaptation is built against
uzer_i did it before ssh on the device and was already changed16:46
uzer_3.2.0.12 is a mandatory stop release16:47
uzer_as stated in this guide
uzer_so can't skip it on the upgrade path16:49
uzer_i'm confused16:50
malwait a moment16:52
maluzer_: try now to
uzer_Error: nothing provides bluez5-tools-hciattach needed by bluetooth-rfkill-event-hciattach-1.0.8-1.3.1.jolla.armv7hl16:58
uzer_Finished transaction (status=2, runtime=20355ms)16:58
uzer_UPGRADE NOT COMPLETE - Retry 1 of 916:58
uzer_Waiting 1 seconds before retry.16:58
uzer_those packages mentioned in the upgrade errors, and i've did a lot of those during the last week, are packages that zypper update just doesn't install.17:01
malmaybe there are some dependency issues because the packages are built against wrong version17:05
uzer_when i try to install any of the mentioned packages i get for example: nothing provides needed by bluetooth-rfkill-event-hciattach-1.0.8-1.3.1.jolla.armv7hl17:06
malI will do an ugly hack, wait for a moment until things have been built17:07
malyou will need to manually edit couple of files on device to temporarily change repo url17:07
uzer_ok, thanks for your support, will be here17:08
maluzer_: ok, I have now built a custom target for, in /usr/share/ssu/features.d/ there are two files, in both files replace the part sailfish_latest_%(arch) with sailfishos_%(release) and then try to update to
malbefore updating check that you can see in output "ssu lr" the two adaptation repos with sailfishos_3.2.0.12 in the urls18:33
malof course when replacing parts of the files only replace part I mentioned, do not modify other parts18:34
uzer_roger that18:36
uzer_looks as expected and will the update now18:58
uzer_well, no error this time18:59
uzer_and downloading 1%18:59
uzer_this is fantastic!18:59
uzer_for me sounds a bit too complicated what you did there. i really appreciate it18:59
uzer_for taking from your time to hack this19:00
malthat was simple for me, I have been doing porting for years19:00
uzer_thank you very much19:00
malhopefully it will still boot after update19:01
uzer_still, i wasn't expecting for this kind of help. couldn't thank you enough19:03
malI was just bored and had nothing better to do19:06
uzer_just did a very irrational thing and accidentally pressed ctrl+c in the ssh terminal window19:19
uzer_so back to the drawing board19:21
uzer_will crack a beer and repeat the process19:22
malI think version --dup will continue in the background, you check journalctl -fa output for things related to packagekit19:22
maluzer_: no, don't19:22
maljust wait19:22
uzer_just did it :(19:22
maldid what?19:22
malat which state was the update when you did that?19:23
malwhy are you hasty to do things and not even wait for a comment here19:23
uzer_69% Download19:24
uzer_but hangs in onwplus logo19:24
uzer_sorry for that19:24
malhmm, if it was still downloading it should have been fine to reboot19:25
malunless it had already started to install things but that should happen only after download is done19:25
malcheck how logs look like via telnet and if you can continue update19:26
uzer_yes, found this under download status: Updating: 0%^C19:26
uzer_never actually did a telnet connection before but did it now and i get: telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused19:36
malok, maybe it got broken because of the interrupted update, maybe this is lesson to do thing before thinking19:39
malto not do thing before thinking19:39
Nico[m]To think before doing things?19:40
uzer_i think this gets unnecessarily complicated on my behalf. will take the longest way back and will be here in an hour with results19:40
uzer_thanks again for everything and sorry for delaying the results in such an idiotic manner19:41
uzer__ok, back and doing the upgrade to
uzer__9% Download so will reboot soon21:00
uzer__after rebooting i get oneplus logo screen and no telnet. maybe i'm doing something wrong, will check tomorrow. thanks again for the help and have a nice evening.21:34
malmaybe there are some other changes needed then21:35
malI think I might know what, hopefully21:35
malyou probably did nothing wrong, just some fixing is needed21:37
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uzer__will reinstall after i get to work tomorrow and retry the whole thing, double maybe triple checking everything. Would appreciate further assistance but wouldn't want to become a time consuming bug for you, so no hard feelings there. time is all we have. will be here tomorrow anyway. another beer for me and off to sleep, cheers!21:50
maldon't retry, I will do some things tomorrow if I have time to fix things21:54
uzer__ok, i'll be lurking tomorrow21:57
OksanaShadow copy and redirection... Why not something easier, like some.file.orig [unpatched] and some.file [patched]... But I get it, this way is less likely to make system unbootable or mess it up somehow else.23:34

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