Saturday, 2020-03-28

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cyberkittyCan sailfish os install all android APKs?08:34
cyberkittyis it a feature? are there compatibility issues?08:36
cyberkittyi tried installing an apk but it isn't working08:51
Oksanaaaaliendalvik is the package responsible for that. Jolla account is required, I guess.09:30
uzer_hi, had to reinstall on oneplus 3 after mounting a huge sshfs folder under ~/Music and staring the media app. that broke camera, messages and browser. i used this sshfs-fuse-2.10-1.armv7hl.rpm. now i'm trying to change to bluez5-5.47 adaptation-community to make bluetooth work but forgot the proper command and don't have access to the irc history for at least two weeks. mal, if you remember, or anyone else that can see the conversation above, i just need11:16
uzer_a copy paste.11:16
maluzer_: logs can be found here
uzer_thank you very much11:23
attahSeems we'll fall over the edge before 3.3
bionade24How can I get the "Could not resolve PageHeader" error in the example App away?19:01

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