Monday, 2020-04-06

Nico|MentorforNhSo for everyone, who was bugging me about it, the code for my matrix client is available here now:
Nico|MentorforNhIt is in very early development though, so it's missing like 90% of the features even a barebones client should have and even the features that are working are probably going to be redesigned. Still, if anyone wants to take a look, it is there now :D01:08
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r0kk3rzits not public without an account?02:50
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Nico|MentorforNhYeah, I forgot to click the save button in the settings...05:25
r0kk3rzNico|MentorforNh: do you want some kind of automated builds? we can do OBS or gitlab-ci06:07
r0kk3rzah i see you have gitlabci set up already06:08
r0kk3rzif anyone wants a build
r0kk3rzseems i cant login06:30
Nico|MentorforNhHm, what server are you on?06:32
Nico|MentorforNhAnd how exactly does the login failure manifest?06:32
r0kk3rzi got it to work now06:35
r0kk3rznot sure what was going on before06:35
r0kk3rzlooks ok06:35
Nico|MentorforNhYay :D06:35
rinigusNico: looking forward to test it when I get the update to 3.3 sorted for my device. Thanks for working on it!07:45
Nico|MentorforNhHeh, don't expect too much ;p07:47
rinigusUpdate is probably few weeks away for me. So, there is time to develop spoon further...07:48
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bionade24Can I connect to QML signals in C++ only in  the file where I have my QQuickview instance?16:15
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ahjolinnaI have notice a minor issue for a while now that there is (at least) some type of png files that dont show up/work on gallery app but do load just fine from the android apps ...or is it just me? (Jolla phone, Xperia X and Xperia 10....also Xperia XZ3)19:29
ahjolinnahere is example file
ahjolinna btw. I think found the problem....the file ends with .png but its jpg? ... or at least works if I rename it with .jpg    (no idea why I have so many png files that are jpg )19:34
malahjolinna: yes, that image is jpeg not png19:36
malwhere did that image come from?19:36
ahjolinnamal: I think it was from here
malno idea why they use wrong file type19:42
ahjolinnaI used an app to download all the pics, so it could be either because of the app or then pixiv19:43
ahjolinnaat least on the preview it does say jpg19:44
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